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Miss it live earlier today? Fear not, the recorded version is now available for everyone to watch

Just in case you missed it, the folks over at All About Android on the TWiT network were nice enough to have our very own Phil Nickinson on for their weekly show tonight. All of the fun and Android talk went down earlier today live, but fear not as the recorded version has just been put up to watch. Phil joined Jason Howell, Ron Richards and Gina Trapani to talk about Google I/O, Google Glass and everything else that has happened in the last week.

Swing on over to the link below to watch or download the full hour and half of Android goodness.

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Reader comments

Watch Phil on All About Android episode 110!


It's really nice to see Phil on TWIT(This Week In Tech). TWIT & TWIG are really good podcasts to be a guest on. Leo, Jeff, and Gina rock for this.

Hello, This is the first time I have seen your show.
I would like to say that I was struck by how handsome
and professional your set looked, Thank you.

Yeah it really did bring to light how knowledgeable the gang over here at AC are. Every time the other people (AAA) were talking about Google I/O I was thinking "Phil and the AC gang have already talked about this and put a lot of thought into it, while you guys are sort of just saying what you think without any deeper thought". Then Phil would get asked a question and the difference was astounding. This was my first time watching AAA, but I think I'll be sticking with AC's content.

Love AAA and pretty much all the shows on Twit Imo their more or less geared to the casual hobbyist but they help me get through my shifts at work. Phil you do a great job keep it up. Just love the AC pod cast haven't missed one yet.