out of focus
Night Industrial Park Grass Macro

Sometimes changing the look at feel of your device is as easy as just simply changing your wallpaper. Whether you are a fan of abstract art, landscape photos or just a simple logo, odds are that we have something for you in our Android Wallpaper Gallery. If you haven't seen the gallery yet then you are missing out on some pretty awesome wallpapers that others have uploaded, and even worse is that you haven't shared your favorites with us.

Luckily sharing wallpapers with the rest of the Android Central community only requires a couple of clicks, and then everyone can enjoy them. Be sure to check that you are logged in when uploading these so we can give you proper credit for the greatness you share with us. Browsing the gallery is a breeze, you can browse the top downloads, the newest uploads or even have them randomly displayed. Each week we will showcase some of the top uploads here on the front page, so how about sharing a few with us?


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Wallpaper Wednesday's - Out of Focus, Grass Macro & Industrial Night View


I've quickly found out that two kinds of image really work best for a background.

1. Out of focus ... so that icons and widgets get the focus. Two layers of objects in crisp focus hurt my old fart eyes.

2. Upper half (or lower half) of image is a monotonous color (like this Japanese sea port at dusk pic). This allows transparent or semi-opaque widgets a consistent backing for better visibility.

BTW, these 800x600 images are just too small for today's phone. I need things that are at least 960 tall to use. I've found that some artists' 2048x2048 iPad HD images are great as I can pick a specific part of it for the portrait view of my device's home screen(s).