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Vodafone UK shows us their interpretation on the "evolution of mobile" in a really cool video.  It's starts at the beginning with the Zack Morris phone, through the myriad of Nokias -- there's even a BlackBerry in there.  It's a well done feast for the eyes, and worth a look.

Where has mobile evolved? No fruitfones here.  Vodafone thinks the HTC Desire S is the pinnacle of mobile evolution, and who are we to argue? [Vodafone video channel] Thanks, anon!


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Vodafone UK visualizes the 'evolution of mobile' [video]


Beautiful piece of work there I thought personally, sorry for being pedantic though but it looked like an original Desire at the end there rather than the "s" version (physical buttons kinda give it away).

Definitely cool, but seems a little rudimentary considering technology today (not that I could do any better)

Palm first came into being as a PDA, not a mobile phone.

Contrary to popular beliefs, iPhone is neither the first mobile device to have a big screen or a touch screen. The only thing it ever was innovative was its what became iOS.

Where's Ericsson in this? I only see Motorola, Nokia, RIM (might be mistaken), and HTC.

Ericsson used to be a very strong contender in the mobile phone market, when there were just 3 of them, Mototrola, Ericsson and Nokia.

Not bad. Would've been better if it didn't show the dude's arm every time he changed the phone out. That and I think they should've had a few more devices in there. They jumped forward pretty fast. I mean, where was the old bag phone? lol

Just my opinion. :)