1GB, unlimited calls and texts for £30, 2GB for £40​ on new PAYG plans

Vodafone UK has announced some new additions to its Pay As You Go line-up today. The new "Vodafone Red Freedom Freebee" gives customers unlimited calls and texts — much like the contract-based Vodafone Red service — with the option of 1GB of data for £30, or 2GB for £40. That's a large amount of money to be spending on a pre-paid service plan, but it also gets you access to a greater data allowance than some other carriers are offering, in addition to unmetered calls and texts.

Vodafone has also tweaked its other PAYG offerings, allowing customers to get unlimited texts on a £10 "Freebee" deal, as well as 1GB of data from a £20 bundle.

The operator's PAYG announcements follow the launch of new, competitive pre-paid prices from rival Three.

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Vodafone UK offers unlimited calls and texts on PAYG


Giffgaff in UK, sim only £10 a month will give you 500mins, unlimited texts and 1gb. WTF £30 on Vodafone?

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Alternatively, the 3 network in the UK offer 3p/min calls, 2p/text and 1p/Mb. So you only pay for what you use and the credit you put on the phone does not run out after a month. For low usage or a backup-phone it's a good option.

A 1 month rolling SIM contract would surely be better when you're talking these sort of prices. You can get unlimited data and texts with a good package of phone minutes for £10~£20 from some providers.

New PAYG tariffs are great and everything, but I wish they'd just hurry up and announce details on their 4G pricing!

T-mobile are doing a SIM only plan of unlimited calls txt and data with no fair use for £16 way better than a payg!

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