HTC Desire Z

Vodafone has announced it is beginning to roll out Android 2.3.3 for the HTC Desire Z. Much like any other OTA update your device will notify you when the update is available, simply accept the update, it will download and then install, and boom you will have Gingerbread. It is recommended that you download via wifi if at all possible due to the size of the file. Already installed the update? How did it go for you, be sure to let us know!

Source: Vodafone: Thanks, Anthony!


Reader comments

Vodafone brings Gingerbread to the Desire Z


Where in the HELL is the TB's Gingerbread? Seriously...this is getting boarder line retarded. Oh who am I kidding its WAY past that...

The OG Droid came out way before the Thunderbolt, too. Does that mean it will get Gingerbread before the Thunderbolt?