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Liverpool on Oct. 17, Glasgow on Oct. 24, Manchester 'soon afterwards'

Vodafone UK is beginning to build out its 4G LTE network, and it's today announced that three major British cities are due for a 4G switch-on in the near future. First up is Liverpool, next Thursday, Oct. 17. That's followed by Glasgow on Oct. 24, with Manchester completing the trifecta "soon afterwards."

Vodafone reports that since launched its LTE network at the end of August it's attracted 100,000 customers to its "4G-ready" Vodafone Red plans. Unlike other UK carriers, Voda focused on London as its sole launch market, and it now says that 80-plus towns and districts in the capital have LTE service. In September this expanded to include Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

By 2015 the carrier aims to have LTE coverage for 98 percent of the UK population.

Source: Vodafone; via: WPCentral


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Vodafone 4G LTE coming to Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester soon


It ain't working on EE !!!!! rolled it out to soon before it was thoroughly tested cos !!!! And we are expected to pay a premium for it !!! No thanks .... they need to look at their network now its absolutely rubbish in rural areas !!!!!

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