That the LG Optimus One -- one of our favorite entry-level Android smartphones these days -- will be coming to Virgin Mobile as the Optimus V has hardly been a secret. Looks like price may now be nailed down, set at $149.99. That's in line with a post at Howard Forums, so it's looking fairly solid at this point. As for when it'll be on sale? Stay tuned.


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Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus V priced at $149


Isn't Virgin Mobile prepaid, as in no contract? I'm pretty sure Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, both owned by Sprint, are prepaid, contract-free service providers.

You're on the ball, Phil! $149.99 outright for an entry-level smartphone with no contract is a pretty sweet deal. I'll be sticking with my EVO but as part of Lloyd's ARMY, I'm happy to see Android affordable and available to all.

Yes that price is right we (radio shack) are suppose to get the phone in this wk I bet we get ours early week This forum thread has better info about the Optimus V. I'm very excited to find out that they are adding more Android phones to the Beyond Talk plans. Now they just need the HTC Desire CDMA and they will take over the mobile space. Imagine a Desire for $350 or $400 with a $25/mo plan. So much money saved vs any of the post paid carriers. I should work for Vimo, I could be a great product planner. :)

For off contract pricing that is a nice price. Combine that with Virgin Mobiles cheap plans and you can see Lloyd's army getting larger. A 3.2 inch screen is to small for me but for some people its just right.

If they're going to charge $149 for this, they may want to drop the price of their Blackberry. Why would anybody pay $50 more for a Blackberry that does less? Plus, you have to pay more a month for the Blackberry.

I might have to give this a try. Decent Android phone with unlimited data for$ 25/month? I hope their phones work better at my house than their Mifi did? A friend let me borrow his and it was not able to pull a better than 1X signal. Bummer. If only Page Plus would hurry up and add better data options, I could port my number and use my Pro with them. Decisions, decisions.

If they truly use Sprint's network for data, this is a steal in my area. I'm bloody tempted to try this. I don't roam enough to pay what I pay over Virgin. This high end phone is nice but I could probably adapt in the name of paying less than half of what I pay now.

Yep. They use Sprint's network because Sprint owns them. But, it's important to note that you can't roam.

Yep. They use Sprint's network because Sprint owns them. But, it's important to note that you can't roam.

I do know about the lack of roaming. Sprint's native coverage is pretty solid where I go. I just wonder if they force Virgin users onto 2G more often than not.

Lets hope this phone looks more like the Sprint version rather than the T-Mobile version.

I prefer the buttons on Sprints over the unattractive buttons of T-Mobiles.

And if Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint, perhaps thats a good sign it will be like Sprints.

It already has Froyo and is EVDO Rev-A as opposed to the Intercepts EVDO Rev-O. I doesn't have a qwerty key board. It is the newer of the two devices and my gut tells me its the higher quality of the two. If its 149.99 I'm picking one up.

We don't know for sure if it is rev. a.....MetroPCs has their version of the optimus, called Optimus M. It is rev. 0.
Intercept vs. Optimus is a toss up. Intercept will get Froyo this spring and has a keyboard and is 800mhz .
Optimus is only 600mhz but supposedly has a seperate modum processor and graphics processor to take some of the weight off of the 600mhz processor. And could be Rev.a...which we know Intercept is not.

i just got it at my target on 1-27-2011 and used yall info to program it i made a video of it and how it looks also no HotSpot untill april virgin mboile said but if u got the phone download this thing called (hotspot widget) and you will get hotspot befor anyone also they said they might launch the phone on FEB 5th

watch my video for more info

After activating, enter (i.e. dial) ##847446# from your new phone
Choose Edit
Enter the MSN that Virgin Mobile gives you (cell phone number)
Enter the MSID (may have unnecessary numbers before the main number)
Choose Done
Your phone will reboot.

Got mine at Target for $129, came with $20 giftcard, also got a couple $40 TopUp cards that were on sale for $38. 1st month at $25 has been pretty good, need something like JuiceDefender to prolong the battery.
Got QuickSettings to enable the Wifi Hotspot.
I have had to reset it by turning on Airplane Mode and then turning AM off to get the 3G to resync more than a few times when waking it.
I have not rooted it, no need so far with QuickSettings.