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Videotron will become the first Canadian carrier to offer LG and Google's Nexus 4 when it launches the device next Wednesday, Jan. 30. The Quebec-based operator posted the confirmation, in French, on its Twitter feed this afternoon. The news comes almost exactly a year after Videotron launched the previous Nexus handset, Samsung's Galaxy Nexus.

So far there's no information available on pricing, but based on how things have panned out in other territories, buyers should expect Videotron's price to be in line with that of other high-end handsets, rather than the cheaper Google Play Store price.

Source: Twitter; via: MobileSyrup


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Videotron to launch LG Nexus 4 on Jan. 30


Saw the v------on to launch lg nexus 4.....did a happy dance
...definitely Thought It said verizon....then reread the title and cried....

How is a phone launching and but not available. I want a Nexus but am very tired with Google not being able to keep a device in stock going on 2 months now.