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Yeah, yeah. We don't do unboxings. We know. But that doesn't mean it's not awesome when our readers uboxing unreleased phones. And that's what we've got here -- a proper (and rather decent) video unboxing of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus. (Only makes sense since we're seeing some sold a tad early, no?)

Not a whole lot here you wouldn't already know from reading our Galaxy Nexus review. And, yes, it's yet another teaser for a phone that still doesn't have an official release date. (Dec. 15 is the current unofficial favorite.)

Anyhoo, enjoy. And thank, anon, for sending it in!

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Keynote says:

I went to Radio Shack on Friday to buy the phone because they told me it was available, but they could not sell it to me when I got there. They let me hold it for a few minutes though. They called me this morning because they thought that they could sell it to me and when I got there they again could not sell it. They let me look at the Nexus again though. So frustrating Verizon.

RaiderWill says:

It's Broke.. Does not work on the 4G Network.. Reliabily...
And.. Are you Grandfathered into the Unlimited Data Class to actually be able to use the phone? 4G + 2G of Data = Overage Payments.. Every Month.. Or, You can just use it to show off how quick it switches between screens...

Blazing ( Limitless ) @ 1,300 mhz on my Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL..

HerbieDerb says:

Dead video link :(

Nevermind, forgot to shut off the pr0n filter on my parents' computer.

infg3570 says:

15th? Just in time for payday :)

moosc says:

Hey look its a white box. He failed didn't boot the phone up.

scooby0u812 says:

thank you mr verizon employee

smooth3006 says:


panitsos says:

ya no shit , verizon employee big time, didnt boot it up or anything guess its not activated lol. why waste time showing whats in the box? we know! headphones , battery , instructions and cable duhhhhhhhhhhh. boot it up if its yours and lets see it activated . lame!!!!

Yeah... That's clearly a Radio Shack employee. I'd recognize that keyboard and speakers anywhere...

falconeight says:

I could have sworn the Verizon Galaxy nexus is black and not gunmetal like the gsm version. This is a fake. When I google it the verizon is black not gunmetal.

Blaksmyth says:

You should go take a look in the forums at pictures that have been posted of the phone it is a real phone he just looks like a employee just taking it out the box to get attention.

Jet300 says:

Its not fake. Held a dummy version on Saturday at the local Radio Shack. Same exact color as the video. Its real.

panitsos says:

Ac should just delete this post all together , it makes this site look bad with people putting up crap like this and they allow it? do they need the hits on the site that badly?

mdoyal1 says:

People want to see Galaxy Nexus -----> One of the top Android sites post video of Galaxy Nexus. The people want to see stories about this phone, so they post it. How does posting this video make AC look bad?

The verizon model is also gunmetal gray... I have seen one in person. Even held it. Not turned it on because it won't do ANYTHING without a SIM card and I couldn't risk making the phone unsellable...

bdfun says:

Phil your voice has changed

cjones says:

Probably one of the worst unboxing videos I have ever seen. Shaky one handed camera and doesn't even start it up so we can see the boot animation. Awful. I know AC wants some video to show this thing really does exist, but please don't make us watch bad videos. Life is too short.

falconeight says:

He had hairy palms

jwsnj3rd says:

15 works for me its my birthday verizon i want this for my birthday lol you dont even have to wrap it. im not going to watch the video, dont wanna ruin the fun.

"But that doesn't mean it's not awesome when our readers uboxing unreleased phones."

Go to bed, Phil. You're a mess.

Aimperial says:

Why did the battery have Samsung Vibrant on it? Anyone else notice? I've seen the phone in person too, looks just like this one. Can't wait to have it!

cguella says:

I have seen it, touched it, waited for it, and heard enough. I am getting a Rezound instead.

StuRoid says:

I thought this guys fat fingers would make the device look thinner but compared to my GSM Nexus this think is looking like it ate a tad too much a thanksgiving hahaha

slayerpsp says:

wow its a phone a better one will be out in two weeks thats how Android works you only have the best for a very short time so enjoy in-till the next better thing comes. which shouldn't be long

jackmusick says:

Kind of glad I got my Razr... That thing is kind of fat.

DarkMinax says:

Hmmm.. The person who filmed the video, not so smart, the store number is on his handheld scanner. Yes, it's a Radio Shack. lol.

Wow... I didn't even realize that... So much for thus guys job!

kashguy says:

Not released yet? its been out since december 8th, I have had mine for a few days now and love it! on the bell network. ICS is really nice since I am convert from blackberry. I just can't get facebook to synch to my contacts but other then that the phone is great!

Synycalwon says:

Lame unboxing. Thanks for pointing out each item as you pick it up. I was confused what they were. Nice heavy breathing too.