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Viber, the cross-platform VoIP app popular for its free voice calling and text messaging, has received its official upgrade for Ice Cream Sandwich-compatability, available now in the Android Market. Viber arrived on Android last summer and just recently announced that it has reached a 50 million registered users milestone. Viber uses your 3G/4G or WiFi connection to call or text other registered Android or iOS Viber users for free. 

In addition to support for Android 4.0, the most recent update also brings with it "significant enhancements" to the Viber voice engine, promising better voice quality, improved support for lower-end devices, and better handling of poor network quality. Other recent updates have brought location and photo sharing, as well as UI improvements, including the ability to see when another person is typing a text message. 

If you've got a Galaxy Nexus or a shiny new ICS ROM on one of your devices, you'll want to grab the update from the Android Market after the break.

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Viber update adds Ice Cream Sandwich compatability


." to call or text other registered Android or iOS Viber users for free."

Just get a true voip client and get away from the need to have both ends using the same client.

Csipsimple has text voice and video calling world wide via any void provider. Use the nightly builds.

Works with ICS.

free in the market but development versions are way better.
Voip to voip is free. Voip to landline/cellular is what ever your provider charges. Usually dirt cheap.

The number in the screenshot is a Columbus Ohio number lol (thought I might share) lol

The area code that is

Hello Everyone!

This is a member of the Viber Development Team! :)

Thanks for writing about Viber!

A new version of Viber (2.1.5) had just been released to the Market. It contains many bug fixes and should make the Viber experience on Android devices overall much smoother and convenient :)

@ba_hamilton- This option is not available yet, feel free to add your request here:

If you have any question about Viber - please feel free to ask.

Thank you,
Viber Team

Hi everybody!

I updated my Viber to 2.6 now and it still doesn't work with ICS!! When I want to enter my country and my phone nr, it says I need internet connection (what I obviously have)... I uninstalled and reinstalled it but it's all the same...

Can you propose a solution, please??