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Development of CyanogenMod 9 continues apace, with the main dev overseeing LG devices releasing a very early "self-KANG" build for LG Optimus 2X and T-Mobile G2X owners. Ricardo Cerquiera reminds anyone wanting to try out his early builds to expect bugs and instability, as CM9 is still very much work-in-progress.

Here we go... CyanogenMod 9 builds for the p990 (LG Optimus 2X) and p999 (T-Mobile G2x).

As I wrote before, these are not supported, and updates may or may not happen in the future. Do not report issues with them to me, please; I'm fully aware of what works and doesn't, what's stable or crashy, and I need no reminders :-)

In a development thread over on RootzWiki, the developer (and users) have pointed out a few specific bugs, including non-functional media acceleration, glitches in certain apps like Chrome Beta, wonky camera support and music playback issues.

So it's a bit rough around the edges, just as we'd expect from such an early build. You won't want to use this as your daily driver, but if you want a sneak peek at CM9 and Ice Cream Sandwich on your Optimus 2X or G2X, you can find download information at the source link.

 Source: RootzWiki; via: +Ricardo Cerquiera


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Very early CyanogenMod 9 builds available for LG Optimus 2X, G2X


Yeppers. I converted from CM7 to CM9 on my Epic around the Alpha 2 release. It's been stable and more than functional enough to run as my daily driver. In some ways, the alpha release is better that the RC Nightlies for CM7...IMHO

I've been waiting calmly for CM9 to land on my Evo4g. C'mon Cyanogen, make it happen. My Xoom loves ICS, and I'm sure my Evo will too. :-)

Praying every night for some CM9 Goodness for my Epic 4G Touch. That is the one thing I miss from my Evo 4G is the CM. Hoping that the Devs are working on getting CM on this great phone.

Check Rootz or XDA. Sbrissen has put out an Alpha CM9 build for the E4GT. I've been running it for a few days now, and it's pretty nice. Of course, it's an alpha, so a few things (wifi, camera, stock browser) aren't working, but 4G will be in the next update. It's definitely not a daily driver, yet, but it's fun to play with.

LG G2X - when will Android acutally update these phones? The radio signals drop constantlly, the version is old, the battery life is short.
How about a step-by-step guide for the upgrades that work?