Verizon Thunderbolt

The name "Thunderbolt" has been whispered for a little while now in regards to the phone that we've been calling the HTC Incredible HD or the Mecha. And it looks like Droid-Life has heard that as well, so we might well see the Verizon Thunderbolt (or will it be Droid Thunderbolt?) in the coming weeks. It's also mentioned that the Thunderbolt may carry the ADR6400 designation, which would sequentially follow the original Droid Incredible, which is ADR6300.

So whatcha think? Would the Verizon Thunderbolt be a better name than Incredible HD? Hate to see the Incredible name die after one phone, 'cause it's a hell of a phone, but Thunderbolt would certainly fit in with Big Red's whole LTE-lightning mantra.

And besides, think of all the horrible headlines that inevitably would be written: "Thunderbolt strikes Verizon!" or "LTE's quick as a flash on the Thunderbolt!" and so on an so forth. Feel free to use either of those. We've got plenty. [Droid-Life] More in the rumored devices forums

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El Jefe says:

I like Thunderbolt as the name.


bkorver says:

I bought a phone named the "Incredible"... what the hell is going to stop me from buying one named the "Thunderbolt"?

dreedy01 says:

Nah....can't get down with it. Thunderbolt sounds too "code name"ish. Prefer Incredible HD

leonffs says:

If you've seen the recent Verizon 4G commercials lately it makes perfect sense. They've been featuring the lightning and thunder motifs pretty heavily. This will tie it all together.

katvo says:

They could call it Verizon Balzack, and I would still buy it.

PaixaQNXNY says:

+ 1

jelly roll says:

Droid Thunder if not droid incredible hd

icebike says:

I think this has to be the most anticipated phone that Android Central has ever mentioned. And mentioned. Aaaaand mentioned.

paul_704 says:

Ahhhhhh this upcoming year is going to be another great one for smartphones, Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, there's going to be a phone for everyone's taste. We are all so lucky!!! and for me the natural progression will be the Thunderbolt/Incredible HD for my DINC which I totally love.

weehooherod says:

This is a weird name. There are no thunderbolts, thunder is the noise and lightning is the bolt. I suppose the phone may so good that it breaks the laws of physics causing noise to make visual bolts.

leonffs says:

I believe there was copyright issues with the name Lightning bolt for some reason.

Any name without the word "Incredible" is welcomed by me. As an owner of a HTC Droid Incredible, this phone's going to make my phone look bad as it is; the last thing I need is for my phone to get a 'sequel', making it seem even more outdated.

ncbryan says:

As a current DINC owner no doubt it has been the best phone I have ever owned. If an I phone for verizon would come out I wouldn't give up my DINC. With that said, if an incredible HD or whatever they want to call it comes out with lte and a bigger screen,i am all over that and would be in line the day it is released.

I too would buy it no matter what the name is. Even though I do like the name. Seriously what is a Mecha? I just want the phone to come out and be able to buy it.

I too would buy it no matter what the name is. Even though I do like the name. Seriously what is a Mecha? I just want the phone to come out and be able to buy it.

Alopez_45 says:

It makes a lot of sense. Considering that the new Lte commercial had a thunderbolt in it. That's my point of view. Let's just see how it over comes the Evo?

WhitePhone says:

I'm sure the specs will be very close, but the big advantage is, that this runs on a 4G network that runs on 700 MHz instead of 2.5 GHz. A 4G frequency that is actually usable.

bookworm1990 says:

I'm okay with the name "Thunderbolt". Maybe that means they'll come out with a Droid Incredible 2 that looks more like the original and is actually a "Droid".

craigrn16 says:

keep it the incredible?

SUB-dawg says:

Personally, I think mecha sounds creepy. Incredible HD is boring. Thunderbolt sounds cool and manly :)

chsszc says:

I was told this phone is binged. If so I am staying away. Also the poster above me just farted.

burn1010 says:

how bout just droid bolt? thunderbolt is silly.

hudss says:

seeing what the "Storm" did for Verizon...I would stay away from names dealing with weather..

seeker8907 says:

The codename for it was the Blackberry Thunder... I was severely disappointed with mine...

I like the name and will buy the phone no matter what its called. I just want it to come out already. I am available for a one year upgrade and this has my name all over it.

dwt10 says:

LED in speaker grill, fail.

findammar says:

Supporting facts for naming:
lte ad
some leaked info
DINC2 will be upgraded specs only

Unsupporting facts:
desire HD example...

Jude526 says:

I hope they keep the incredible name. But I won't be leaving my Incredible in the dust. I just got it and it is costing me full retail. I am pleased with it. I like the size, but am sure its
big sis will be great though. I will check it out !