Hey, lookie. Verizon's going to talk LTE tomorrow on the opening day of CTIA's fall event. That's cool. But it's still fairly unlikely we'll get any handset news just yet, though there's still that rumor of the Verizon CFO running around with an LTE Android phone, so you never know. (We'd be plenty happy to be wrong here.) Regardless, our intrepid EiC Dieter Bohn will be at CTIA, and we'll bring you the news as it happens. Or shortly after lunch. [Verizon]


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Verizon to talk LTE tomorrow


Awesome!!!!! LTE will be so cool too bad I have to wait a year and a half to get a new phone :'( dinc oh and I guess I'm first (I already marked myself as spam)

Im glad I got the Droid X a couple of months ago. Its an awesome device that I can live with while all the LTE growth pains are being dealt with. By the time im ready for a new phone the network should be fairly well built out and some killer phones will be available to rake advantage if those speeds.

LTE is basically 4G ..
Think super fast internet on your phone.

Your phone is like DSL speeds now...LTE should be faster than cable or fios....theoretically

Techno geeks correct me if I am wrong

Fios is pretty standard with 35mbps up and down. 100mbps has been available for a while. I have also heard fios is being tested at gigabit speed in Texas. So i dont think lte will be near as fast.

Per the white papers there are 2 flavors of LTE - Standard and Advanced.

Standard logs in at approx 300MBits and Advanced hits the magic 1GBit. Also per the white papers the same hardware in the phone can handle either/both - the difference is in the transmitter towers.

Supposedly the LTE VZW is rolling out now is Standard first then moving to Advanced as the tech matures.

Lets see if I can detail the day for ya on this one... They will not release who the phone will be through look for it in the February time frame but the data card will release in November the data speeds will be around 10 mb per second faster speeds coming later. since I live in Georgia the first cities to get it will be Atlanta and Athens but many cities will be released in the first round. They will tell all the cities to come along with having the complete project done in under 2 years. also to throw this out there also none of these technologies are 4g, they really would fit under the 3g classification 3g and 4g are just marketing crap.

I'm so sick of hearing people say this. It's 3G and 4G as in 3rd and 4th generation wireless technology. LTE is different network than CDMA, so it is the next step up to get you your data connection. I worked with a guy who's favorite phrase was "3G is a lie!" and I wanted to junk punch him every time he said it.