Verizon Video

Those of you with Verizon Android smartphones might have noticed a Verizon Video app pushed out over the past few days (yeah, we didn't ask for it either), and this morning Big Red has officially announced it.

Essentially, Verizon Video is exactly what it looks like -- on-demand streaming (powered by RealNetworks) of more than 250 television, and on-demand video from ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, CNBC, Disney Channel, ESPN, PBS Kids and others. You'll also have access to NFL RedZone on Sundays, NBC's "Sunday Night Football" and the NFL Network.

Verizon Video is available "on select smartphones," (we've got it on a ThunderBolt here) and is currently in a free preview. After the preview ends, a monthly subscription is $10, or you can try it out for 24  hours for $3.


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Verizon officially unveils Verizon Video - more than 250 TV shows for $10 a month


You are forced to use 3G/4G though. No wifi. Stupid like the Skype app. And it was making me have to sign up on my Incredible 2 - no trial.

With apps forcing you to use cellular data, I feel sorry for people on a tiered plan. They are never going to be able to fully enjoy what makes a LTE phone so great.

And I also got no free preview on my Thunderbolt.

On my Droid X it didn't ask me to sign up for the one clip I tried to watch, but it did tell me to turn off WiFi. Fail. Uninstalled.

When things like this pop up .... it makes me think about getting a Slingbox. . . Hook it up to my TV at home and get anything from my TV anywhere.... no subscription

When things like this pop up .... it makes me think about getting a Slingbox. . . Hook it up to my TV at home and get anything from my TV anywhere.... no subscription

i looked into Slingbox but the hardware and setup seems clunky to me. especially that "IR Blaster" contraption.

Buy the BOX. Hook it up to your TV. Buy the APP(be aware that the App is $30 in the market) . . . but that's all you have to pay... no subscription... Streams to your phone over the wireless network and wifi.

1. is it always constantly streaming over my Cable Broadband connection even if i'm not actually watching it? or must i actually power down the Slingbox to stop the streaming. i care because i want to just leave it on 24/7 but i don't want Comcast to hammer/throttle me if i'm inadvertently using all of that broadband 24/7.

2. is the "IR Blaster" a clunky kludge?

I wonder if adding this to your current contract will force you to take a tiered data plan if you're on unlimited right now?

It's funny. If your tiered and you go over your plan, I bet the first thing you get from the CS rep is "Well, you know your apps will use data". Well, Verizon, let me remove your apps so I can manage my data use more closely.

I don't care if Verizon figures out how to convert your phone into a jet-pack, if they want to add another $10 per month charge, they can b*** me. I'm already giving them $300 per month and I'm tired of all their extras for stuff like this and VZ Navigator. I recommend paying $9 per month to Netflix for streaming video into your home, and the login for that works on your phone Netflix app as well for no extra charges. Besides, who wants to commit dollars and time and to watching shows on a 4 inch screen? It's OK in a pinch, but for an ongoing monthly fee...really?

No Free preview on my phone. Mon 8/22 at 11:40am, just tried it and its $3/day or $10/month no option for a free preview. Oh well, Verizon looses, I'm not trying it.