A Verizon Wireless variant of LG's oft-rumored upcoming LG G3 smartphone has now leaked shown brandishing the carrier's logos. The Verizon logos can be seen both on the front and the rear of the device in the latest leaked press photo for the LG G3 smartphone, continuing Verizon's tradition of branding devices to the extreme.

On the front, Verizon's logo is shown on the upper right set in white against the black bezel of the smartphone's display and on the rear of the phone in the center, Verizon and the carrier's 4G LTE marks are seen inscribed.

Although we won't know the full details until May 27th, recently LG had announced its Quick Circle case for the device without actually announcing the phone itself.

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Verizon LG G3 render continues the tradition of carrier branding to the extreme


Darth Vader's helmet was not symmetrical either, and it took 3 crappy movies to fix that, so be careful what you wish for.

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That clock widget is a deliberate rip off of Motorola's home screen widget of a couple years ago.

I could see why they wanted it though it looks great.

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I think Android skinners should be able to rip each other off because it only makes Android better.

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I understand the need for branding. Its how companies get recognized. But this...

Its atrocious. And really, Verizon should be ashamed that that they feel the need to do this. Almost as if they feel as though their going to be forgotten.

Oh well, no longer my problem. Spending half of the cost of Verizon's pitiful plan on Sprint now. Unlimited data and great coverage where I live and travel.

Such a place does not exist on Sprint. You must be roaming. ;-)

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Sprint does not get the credit that the deserve, but they sure do get the ghosts from the past hitting them...

3g everywhere!
Premium data charge!

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For you, kinda like tmo sucks everywhere I go

Sprint>tmo in my area by a mile and then some

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Maybe Sprint just needs a crazy, frothing-at-the-mouth CEO to scream some weird shit in public to get them the recognition they deserve.

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Totally agree with you. I have both Verizon and Sprint and the differences in coverage and speeds are not that great. They both have very good networks in my experience.

To all who continue to bash Sprint, try a Spark phone in an upgraded market and see for yourself how well the network performs instead of jumping on the Sprint haters bandwagon.

I hate the logos myself and only buy devices that are unlocked but it doesn't bother the average consumer and if anything it's a status symbol, everyone knows Verizon costs the most...

Probably one of the reasons why the Nexus 5 never made it on Verizon. They wanted to put their ugly logo all over it.

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Yeah that's totally why it didn't happen, it had nothing to do with CDMA radios or software.

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Different band. They would have had to make another special version just for Verizon. And because it is proprietary cdma, Verizon has to approve everything about the device.

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And no, adding in the Verizon capabilities would not have necessitated a new model, they just would have had to add it in.

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The problem is that everything about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was a complete clusterfuck that no one wanted to repeat.

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Actually no. The cdma radios on nexus would have worked fine on Verizon.

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Article says upper left. Pic looks like upper right. It doesn't bother me. My note 2 button doesn't bother me either.

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It's described from the phone's perspective. For example, the driver side of a car is the left side(in the United States), even if you are looking at it head on.

Mine doesn't bother me either........After i painted over it.. But seriously if were advertising for the greedy bastards with HUGE logos all over our phones shouldn't we have some compensation for advertising? just a thought..........

I really really really really want to see Verizon pull this off with an iPhone. Seeing an iPhone with Verizon branding on the front would make my day.

I knew it- I knew they would do it again. Couldn't resist. It seriously ruins it. I just don't understand.

The fact that they didn't change the rear keys again is surprising as hell, but I mean come on with the god damn fuckin logos man. It's absolutely unnecessary to put the logo there - we look at these phones a good part of every single day and I don't want to have to see it there each time. And Verizon literally has the worst-looking logo by far of all the carriers.

Could they at least make it very small, or make it darker/less noticeable? Nope they have to make it as large as the tiny bezel can fit and as bright and white as possible. Man this pisses me off.

Man, I wonder how hard Motorola had to fight to keep the moto x front clean. Verizon can't seem to keep their hands off of any other device.
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I was just thinking the same thing. If Samsung, Apple, Moto, HTC (at least on m8) can keep Verizon logos off the front...why couldn't LG?

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Maybe because they are not big - popular enough, so desperate to get it on the big red no matter what. G2 only a month upon release on vzw was on sale for 0$ on contract multiple times. Now, tell me if you saw that happen to any other flagship. Vzw was also reduced off contract price too.

VZW Moto X

I believe Motorola challenged Verizon to a duel by slapping them in the face with a gauntlet, and won.

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That would also explain how Motorola got software updates out to the Verizon versions so fast.

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That was only because Verizon was, at that point, the only carrier without a phone on Kit Kat. They needed to rush that update as much as possible so that not all of their phones were a version behind.

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"Verizon can't seem to keep their hands off of any other device."
I know, right. I mean look at the iphone...wait there's no logo on the front Look at the Galaxy S5..ummm no logo on the front there either. But there was one last year on the S4!!...wait, nope. Must have been the Note 3 that I saw it on. Wow, I can't catch a break, its not there either. But they really vandalized the HTC One(M8) dammit, there's no front logo there either. But i know they had one last year on the M7...oops, no they didn't. Boy Verizon really can't keep there hands off any other device(with the exception of almost every flagship phone for the past 2 years)

Stupid Verizon complaints are stupid.

"oft-rumored" ?
The announcement is in 96 Hours.
UGLY branding.
UGLY Verizon.
Otherwise, nice looking (though underpowered) device.. save the hideous looking speaker placement & grill.

Verizon has vandalized yet another beautiful handset with their graffiti and bloat. I just don't understand them and why they have to destroy everything they touch. Their signal is getting worse and worse in my area and they remain expensive they are trying very hard to drive everyone off to T-Mobile.

A beautiful phone ruined again by Verizon. I wonder what they are going to take away in this version?

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People need to get out of their basement and get some sunlight. Never seen so many ppl freak over a logo...

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A logo that no other carrier puts on the phone. Verizon just goes overboard with their logos. It's COMPLETELY unnecessary. They already have that HUGE logo on the back, do they really need one on the front? As if people are gonna forget which carrier they're using.

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Verizon customers need it so we know who to talk to. See the logo helps us pick out poor people, because poor people are on other carriers. If the logo was not on the front, then I wouldn't know who to talk to at parties, because poor people smell like Doritos, and even though I like Doritos, I don't like the 3 day old Doritos smell people on T-Mobile have on them. /s

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Truth spoken here. This is why I don't my Verizon branding. It's a badge of opulence

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I find tmo customers generally smell of stale corn chips. I always assumed they didn't have a signal so they couldn't look up personal hygiene.

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It doesn't bother me one bit. I have a case on my G2 that covers up the back logo (the G2 is slick in hand so something had to be done - nothing to do with the logos. As for front Verizon logo I don't even see it - I had to pull out my phone to check to see if it was there. The very small bezels on the G2 (and the G3 based on leaks) give no room for Verizon branding so they put it where they can. As long as Verizon gets the phone at launch I don't really care where they put their logos. I would guess most people on this thread on on other carriers so Verizon doesn't care what you think. I know my Verizon coverage is better than any other carrier (I'm lucky enough to have a grandfathered plan with a corporate discount that makes them very affordable for me and my wife). If you don't like Verizon branding go to another carrier - less congestion for me. I thought for sure the everything plans would be a flop and drive down the costs - didn't happen. They are starting to lower prices to compete with TMo which is great.

I'm with you there. Don't even notice the Verizon logo on the front on my G2, and won't notice it on my G3 either.

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Yep, this... don't notice it at all. Maybe it's because we have lives and don't have time to give that much of a shit about something so insignificant...

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For me it's all about principle. Carriers are multi-million dollar businesses, with advertising budgets to match. If they want to use my phone as a billboard, they can pay me just like they pay for any other billboard. Same reason I won't buy a shirt with branding on it, and won't allow a dealership to put their little emblem or sticker on a car that I'm buying.

Verizon and AT&T are the worst carriers. Ugly logo for verizon, ugly orange boxes for AT&T. Locked bootloaders for both.

Because the box matters? Haha Talk about splitting hairs. After you take the phone out, the box is never to be seen again.

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Considering the growth both continue to see I think it's safe to assume people don't give a crap about the neckbeard shit that bothers you.

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It looks like only Samsung and Apple get to keep Verizon's branding off the front of their devices.

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LG with the smallest possible bezel in the world logically should be the cleanest looking on he front, but Verizon design team had better ideas. It's sad that LG decided to band over again.
VZW Moto X

This image doesn't have the plastic/metal band going across the bottom front of the phone like all the other leaked photos...

Yeah, looks like the G2 not the G3. The front pic, at least. That bottom section below the screen also looks taller than other G3 images I've seen.

"LG continues the trend of taking manufacturer branding to the extreme"

It's white because the LG logo is white, so what. If the G3 is half as slippery as my G2, it pretty much still has to have a case, so Ya, the back.

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What a really really tacky location for the logo on the front. Seriously that ruins the look of it. The back I can deal with, but the front, just no. Hey Verizon, when people are using their phones in public, most people will only see the back sides of it, hence your logo. People operating the phone don't need to constantly be reminded what network their on.

I always find myself looking at the logo instead if the giant bright ass screen. I'm always looking for my text message alerts there. /s

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Guess they should put an LED behind the Verizon logo so it lights up. :-)
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... Wait, maybe I shouldn't give them ideas.....

I can deal with a small logo on the front. Yes it sucks, but really not the huge deal people make it out to be. At least this time they didn't screw up the buttons on the back and they left those alone.

On the bright side cattle branding humans is still illegal without consent, because if Verizon had their druthers their customers would be walking around with decorative foreheads.

They can have their unnecessarily redundant logos & trash worthy bloatware. I want them to not adversely alter the software like they did to the S5! It feels like it's not even my phone. I hate Verizon but they have me by the unlimited data!

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and people act surprised. As if the logos weren't in the exact same places as last year's G2...get over it

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Yes!! Verizon as usual does this.
Sorry for people stuck on getting to use only phones sold by them because of CDMA.

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This makes the phone look cheap to me, like the lower-priced handsets in the stores that some customers, who don't really care about the newest releases, buy with brand recognition of the network. To me it automatically lowers the appeal. Imagine a brand new Ford F-150, with a huge decal on the windshield that's a little larger than the tint area that says "Ford F-150". Just looks stupid.

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Car companies do it worse than anyone, there are 4 f-150 logos on my truck, plus a flex fuel logo, 2 Ford logos and a dealer logo.

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That's because the truck is a Ford. Similarly, people don't have a problem with the LG logo. It's the Verizon branding that's the problem. A better comparison would be those stupid dealership stickers that they like to slap on the backs of cars. Imagine the dealership putting one of those on your truck, 3 feet across, right on the tailgate. And another one on the hood. And they can't be removed.

This front logo abomination just knocks me right out of the buyer list. Had the G2 for about 6 months and never got used to the way it looks off-kilter no matter what angle they had put the logo at. Having had the Note II before that I'm just done with anything Verizon branded on the front. The back doesn't make me furious, except that Apple doesn't have to accept this crap, why should Samsung and LG? Even the HTC One is free of front branding isn't it?

One of the many reasons I love my VzW One...in some twisted connection to an alternate universe, this phone arrived with NO VERIZON LOGO on the front! Every time I look at my phone I want to kiss it because I don't have to see that ugly V. VzW got a measure of revenge, however...the boot animation is enough to turn your stomach.

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While everyone who isn't on Verizon is griping about logos I'll be enjoying the extra speeds they just threw my way. If logos bother you that much, leave, if you aren't even a Verizon subscriber then why do you care?

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They can only afford a ford fiesta,, so they bash the maserati for being expensive

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Given the choice between a Fiesta, or a Maserati covered in corporate logos like a damn Nascar, I would rather have the Fiesta.

Hold up the phone, Verizon logo right in front of your face.
Turn it around, Verizon logo right in front of your face.
Turn on the phone, Verizon boot logo right in front of your face.
Swipe down the notification, Verizon Wireless name right in front of your face.
Turn off the phone, Verizon logo right in front of your face.

I'm surprised no one noticed the other change. No two-tone front. It's black all the way down. In the other G3 renders, the bottom bar was the phone color. It would be white in this case.

if legal, Verizon Wireless will probably want to tattoo "Verizon Wireless" and the logo on the foreheads of all Verizon customers.... (perhaps even their cars)

I like the fact that VZW's freaking billboard had to be tiny due to hardly any available bezel. Beautiful work LG. Just another reason to get rid of that waste.

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Verizon really needs to get rid of that stupid ass checkmark..

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I dont know whats harder to believe.
1)The fact that this artical was written. 2) That every person who commented here actually acted supprised that Verizon branded another phone. I mean really ppl. Verizon has been doing this foreverand the will most likely continue to do so. Most VZW customers dont care or are numb to it by now since the branding on the front and back have 0 effect on the phone's performance.
3) And probably the most unbelievable...the fact that I not only read the artical...but expected for someone else to express the same points I made.

I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions and no one has to agree with another but some discussions on AC is just getting tired. Seems like the only reason this artical was presented was just to see how many negative comments could be posted.

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My Verizon Note 3 has no Verizon front branding. But agreed, less is more.

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C'mon, it's like having a designer label. You're paying more than anyone else for phone service and hopefully getting better service than everyone else, why not show it off like you would a designer bag or suit lol.
*Verizon branding= swag phone bling*

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Phone looks great!!! Not sure if I'm ready to give up my LG G2 yet. :-D

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If you buy the phone at full retail price, you have the right to complain. Otherwise, get a grip. They are discounting the phone for you and put their symbol on it. The controversy over this is despicable.

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They aren't "discounting" anything, they're subsidizing the upfront cost, in exchange for a higher monthly bill on a 2 year contract.

Can we find something new to report on and bitch about?

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People who get subsidized prices don't get to bitch about what the carrier does to subsidize them.

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The logo is utterly terrible and does, indeed, detract from a good-looking device. Not buying the rhetoric of those that say they "don't even notice it" on their phones. Of course you do! You may get used to it and, perhaps, not even mind it... but everyone knows you notice it. The kicker is that when the screen is on "verizon" is lit up on the upper-left of the display anyway. No thanks. Rear branding is fine. Front-facing branding sucks and is hideous - no two ways about it.