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Andorid 4.4 + Sense 5.5 update receives technical approval, OTA expected soon

Mo Versi, HTC's Executive Director of Product Management, sends word that the Verizon HTC One should start receiving its Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC Sense 5.5 update "shortly." In a tweet, Versi reveals that the update has passed technical approval, the final hurdle before over-the-air updates can begin being pushed out.

Verizon's HTC One should be the second U.S. carrier variant to get KitKat after Sprint launched the update late last week. Elsewhere, the update is live in Canada and Europe, as well as U.S. Developer Editions.

So, Verizon HTC One owners, now's the time to start checking for updates!

Source: @moversi

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radgatt says:

At least Verizon isn't the last US carrier to get the update. What happened to the Droid DNA update?

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tarund says:

Still in the 'Integration' stage.

Scroll to the bottom and you shall see.

Soon means June definitely

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

TheMimic12 says:

Honestly, this is the most legitimate comment I've you post.
One I can agree with, nonetheless

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squiddy20 says:

1. They said "shortly" not "soon". Learn to read.
2. It isn't in Verizon's best interest to hold back an update that HTC has publicly said has been approved. It will roll out in the next few days/weeks.

jimbo says:

Definitely exposed yourself as the fool troll that you are Yarell.

udazavlanje says:

Shaba dabba dobbie hay

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VZW Moto X

blessedred says:

Yea but people are already getting it so how stupid do you feel?

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WHAT??? verizon will beat AT&T??? Come ON big Blue!

clubbstudios says:

Thank you, I agree that the blue Death Star should trump the red Big Brother (heh)...

Then again, having come from BB and WP8 devices (and thank God I got an HTC One and joined the 21st century), I am new to this "Verizon is last, AT&T not so" concept. On those devices, bloatware and extortion integration always delayed the AT&T official updates to weeks or months after all other US carriers...

I'll be grateful (& shocked) if the ATiTtie KitKat+Sense 5.5 update arrives before the end of February!

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Amir47 says:

If you have a AT&T HTC ONE you could simple convert it to to a Dev Edition HTC ONE and receive updates when the dev edition receives updates.

cctpitts01 says:

Come on Verizon release it already :) it sucks having a fiance who has Sprint and i have Verizon and we both have the HTC One and she is already updated and im still waiting :)

tdizzel says:

Simple solution...don't get married

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

zizu101 says:

You have issues

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DeerSteak says:

At least you have a useful data network when you wander out of Sprint LTE territory.

Premium1 says:

Ha well verizon isn't last for another update.... What is happening at verizon lol. Good for all the One owners on verizon!

Zig261 says:

This is why I'm staying on their network with my grandfathered unlimited data. At least they're improving their update cycle.

While AT&T and T-Mobile are too busy fighting recently each other on customers with the Uncarrier model to pay attention to their phone updates. Verizon has all the time in the world to do so because they have no competition to worry about at the moment.

sprint4lyfe says:

The marketing team needs to get back to approving phones.

relee74 says:

Not trying to be a naysayer, but everyone is talking as if they have downloaded the update in all its splendor. Soon is not now. Until they push it out or you are able to pull it down, they might as well be in a three-way tie for last to update. That being said, smart money says it will likely push out between 6 pm EST & Midnight tonight, just as the last two updates have.

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jlczl says:

+1 anxiously waiting with my BB blue Verizon HTC One in hand.

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relee74 says:

And I with my Vanilla Silver

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carraser891 says:

Verizon has been stepping up the update game latley. galaxy s4 next please!

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C'mon T-Mobile... Ignore AT&T and lets see that update hit!

papadonna says:

The (second) title says 'Andorid" just FYI.

radioone says:

Nice, looking forward to it.

This will certainly make up for the delay of 4.3...

swimmaholic says:

'... in a year'

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DeerSteak says:

Not seeing it on my VZW One yet, but hope it's before tonight so I can start using DND mode. :p

Xader says:

I wonder if the One Max will follow suit, since it also uses Sense 5.5

Voxophone says:

Woo! Can't wait

codiusprime says:

I feel like Verizon has been getting quicker with these updates.

Best network, best coverage, best everything period. (is that how I do it Rich?)

DeerSteak says:

I just hit Check Now and it's there! Downloads ahoy!

Moving kinda slow though. 617MB total.

cctpitts01 says:

just got the update baby :)

Reef48 says:

Update is live now.

the update is a go.

the update is a go.

matthwo8 says:

Downloading now!!!

obidos says:

SWEET! but I think I'll wait to grab this. Curious to see if there are any side effects (bad battery life, bugs) once more people have it.

here is the VZW PDF:

Cubfan says:

Good God. Hasn't everyone else had it for months? Oh well, you get what you pay for... Or maybe not in this case.

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dumbcow1 says:

Months? This is Kitkat.... It hasn't been out for months from Google. Let alone pushed through for OEMs and Carriers.

HTC and surprisingly Verizon were quick on this one. Impressed on the Verizon part, I'm used to seeing Big Red last...dead last

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Wynnsman says:

I'd love to know if foxfi will work after this update. I'll put off update until I know for sure.

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soldierblade says:

In some alternate universe there's a copy of me waiting impatiently for this update, because he waited until summer for the one to come out and stuck with Verizon. Gladly I'm in the reality where I ditched those suckas and went gsm mvno, and now have the one arriving tomorrow (a year late) but completely paid for.

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Downloaded now only,
verizon really gives that a very useful update, now we can access our phone fastly than previously. COngrats guys.

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