Latest firmware from HTC will ship on Verizon's version

Good news for anyone planning on picking up the HTC One on Verizon when it finally launches next Thursday. VZW spokesperson Albert Aydin has confirmed on Twitter that Verizon HTC One will ship with Android 4.2.2-based firmware. That means Big Red's HTC One will benefit from new OS features like Daydreams and lock screen widgets, as well as the latest software enhancements from HTC, including Instagram feeds in BlinkFeed, more video highlight themes and the option to turn off the horrible on-screen menu bar.

Aydin also confirmed that Verizon will be getting the 32GB version of the phone in silver — so no word on higher storage capacities or alternate colors just yet.

While European and Asian HTC One handsets were updated to Android 4.2 last month, the U.S. versions of the phone remain on 4.1.2. For a quick tour of what's new in the latest HTC One firmware, check out our hands-on feature, linked below.

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Verizon HTC One to come with Android 4.2.2


I know you have some "issues" but what part of that was hard? I will post s l o w l y if need be

Is 4.2.2 on the One any buggier than any other update before on any other device? I haven't seen it in the forums, but maybe I'm just not looking close enough.

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You know i have issues because you know me???

explain the buggy part, have you used HTC one 4.2.2 Verizon version?? I dont think so. some stupid people just make up stuffs without even trying

Um, I had the HTC One running 4.2.2 and it was actually a lot snappier than it was on 4.1.2 The bugs you are describing was never on the HTC One being buggy but with the 4.2.1 update. That's why you don't see any phones being shipped with 4.2.1 because it was on every phone due to it being software related. So please if you post something at least know what you are talking about. However I am on 4.3 with my HTC One now. ;-)

see the response you are getting from users who actually use it?? they say its better than 4.1.2. go to any phone forum and you will see a thread about bugs

NoNexus has quickly become a (idiotic) staple of the comments section on this site. I suggest ignoring it at all costs.

I was just wondering where the ignore button was...

I love my HTC One. I've had the T-Mo version for 4 months now. I'd love it even more if it had been a VZW version, but not enough to buy one on VZW with so many other "hot" phones imminent.

Not sure what HTC did, but I've got my HTC One loaded with everything and it still handles so well. Four months later, I'm still impressed.

C'mon. As far as speed and fluidity goes the N4 makes the One look okay and the GS4 a turd. Dead sexy device, no doubt. Would absoulutely rock a GE One except for the price and extreme lack of dev support in comparison to Nexi.

Yeah, the Nexus 4 has all phones beat on the fluidity front. 4.3 all the way.

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NoNexus... your an idiot. Sick of seeing your idiotic comments on this forum. Maybe try learning a bit more about what you're commenting on, or just go away already.

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Before everyone on Sprint and AT&T complain, remember how long you've been able to use your HTC One compared to the folks at Big Red. I'd trade my 3 - 4 months with a new device for a software update any day.

I'm sure we'll see one soonish. If you're on AT&T, you can head over to XDA and install 4.2.2 right now if you want!

I agree completely..I like the way TRIM works in 4.3...That is the biggest difference. Appearance-wise, 4.1.2, 4.2.2, and 4.3 are the same, so I have no idea why anyone is getting worked up over this.

No complaints here. All this means us that the Sprint update is inevitably soon. Sans the Verizon bullshit bloat, it's the exact same device, CDMA drivers and all. I'm just surprised we haven't seen any Sprint ROM leaks up to this point.

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WTF? My 64 GB DEV EDITION still hasn't received that update, but the Verizon version is coming with it?

Fail, HTC. Big fail. I can accept International models getting it first, but the Dev edition should have at least been second.

Really? Intentionally keeping my Dev Edition stock for the sake of the official update makes me an outcast?

The point is that it's the Dev Edition. It should have been one of the first devices to get any update from HTC, not the last.

The point of the Dev edition is that it is unlocked so you could load the software yourself. Why did you buy a Dev edition if you are going to sit around and wait for whatever you are waiting for?

Exactly, its like buying a Ferrari just to go the speed limit and never put it on the track. Why buy something made specifically for developers if you don't want to tinker with the software.

I know all of you morons have tunnel vision, so let me lay it out for you.

Rooting and modding is not the ONLY conceivable reason to buy a Dev edition. I purchased it because I was going to pay off-contract pricing anyway and I got twice the internal storage, tethering that works out of the box, and absolutely no bloatware. Those were reason enough for me to buy it.

That doesn't mean I don't plan to root it eventually, but the OTA was just around the corner, for all I knew and I didn't see the point in rooting it until I did the official update. I don't want to run a custom ROM. The One runs fine and has all the features I need.

If you're going to pay off-contract price for an HTC One anyway, it makes WAY more sense to get the unlocked 32 gb model or spend a little more to get the dev edition and have twice the storage. I don't know why it's so hard to fathom that people might buy this phone for reasons other than hacking it.

If you wanted a "Nexus", not a dev edition, which is just unlocked, you should have researched more. We all know thats the proper way to get stock updates. So for now....its.....wait for it....NoNexus for you!

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Not to be combatative, but in all fairness, if prompt updates are what you desire, you should have purchased the Google Play Edition version of the One. Granted, you miss out on HTC and Sense specific features, but that's the unfortunate price you pay when you want a skinned version of Android instead of the stock alternative. The Dev edition of the HTC One simply implies an unlocked or unlockable boot loader, and not necessarily prompter upgrades. At least that's my understanding of it.

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I bought the dev edition the day it was released. Actually, I preordered it. The Google Play edition didn't even exist then.

sorry you had to find this out late, but the ONLY reason it's a dev edition is the unlockable bootloader. It'll get updates just like every other HTC One on your network.

Boy will you feel silly when HTC rolls it out next week ahead of this launch

Posted via my Droid Bionic while waiting for my email notification from Verizon telling me when the Droid Bionic will be available

That's been discussed ad nauseam in the forums: you're more than likely waiting on AT&T, as much as we all thought the DEV and GP versions would be free from that corporate mess.

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That kind of defeats the purpose of buying the Dev Edition if you leave it stock & wait for updates.

If you weren't wanting to put a ROM on it & wanted to have the newest software on it, you should have bought the Google Edition.

Maybe he brought it for the storage since AT&T are the only one who offers a 64gb storage option, but I think AT&T also has nonremoveable apps that takes up more space than the dev. edition. Just a thought.

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So there's no possible way I could have purchased it for the increased internal storage, tethering that works out of the box, and absence of bloatware?

The only reason I can buy a dev edition is if I plan to put custom roms on it? Shut up.

I'm being an ass because there are way too many ignorant morons on here who think the only purpose of a Dev Edition is to install custom roms.

My ONLY comment on the updates was "Why is the Dev Edition getting it after the Verizon (carrier) version?" This somehow leads to a dog pile of "herp derp you should have already had the update since you have the Dev Edition herp derp custom roms durr why even get the Dev edition of you're staying stock brap bok brap?"

I currently have: A Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, GS4, HTC One Dev Edition, HTC One AT&T model, LG Optimus G Pro, Nokia Lumia 1020, and iPad 3. This list is tiny compared to the number of devices I sold this year. I also have more knowledge about mobility, rooting, unlocking bootloaders, and installing custom roms than most of the people on here.

Most of my devices are rooted. Some have custom roms. I CHOSE to leave my Dev edition pure until the 4.2.2 update came out. That was a conscious decision, folks. Get over yourselves.

I don't think it's presumptuous to expect that a completely stock version of the HTC One, with no carrier tampering should get an update shortly after the International model. The only real difference is radios here. I just think it's ridiculous that we have a carrier version of the phone coming out with it installed yet still haven't seen it for the unlocked U.S. versions.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

All everyone is saying is that the Dev Edition won't get the update any sooner than the other Ones, which is what you said should happen. The only thing different is the bootloader.

Hey, AT&T has exclusive 64GB version, Sprint has red htc one, and so Verizon is getting 4.2 first.. makes sense to me. Doesn't seem like much of a fail. They're trying to give each carrier a leg up on something to make THEIR version more desirable. Seems actually kinda smart to me. I'd rather have a 64GB version but we can't all have everything can we?

I still can't believe it's only coming with one logo. It must kill them that there was no room to put one on the front. I'm sure they'll make up for it with extra bloatware.

I could see me trading off my Note 2 for this. Especially if that blue is the alternate color choice.

4.3 is not worth updating to. HTC should skip 4.3 and go straight from 4.2 to 5.0. How long Verizon will take to push out 5.0 though is a different story. Verizon does have the worse track record for updating devices on it's network and takes the longest. If you want a carrier that has a better record of updating and is a bit quicker Sprint, has the quickest and the best record, followed by T-Mobile. With AT&T just barely beating Verizon.

The question I have will it take much longer for Sprint to push out the 4.2.2 update. 4.2.2 isn't really great but their are some nice additions that HTC added like status bar battery percentage that I would like to have. Other than that I could deal with skipping both 4.2.2 and 4.3 and going straight to 5.0 which will be a bigger and better update.

So when this finally comes out, do you think that gives the other carriers the green light to release their updates?

There have been behind the scenes comments from alleged HTC staff claiming Verizon paid HTC or struck some kind of other deal to be the first exclusive HTC One with 4.2.2 delaying other carrier launches by 60+ days.

Other HTC reps have claimed Sprint will skip 4.2 and go to 4.3

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HTC needs to skip 4.3 and go to 5.0 I could care less about 4.3 And to a lesser extent 4.2. The only thing about 4.2 on the One I like is the fact I don't need a third party app to put my battery percentage in the status bar. I am sure their are some other enhancements.

Damn. I had to make the switch to the Big Red about 2 months ago because of Sprint being so terrible. I wish this would have been out by then! ERRGGG

Someone who doesn't want a G2?

Something who doesn't want to deal with LG's seemingly amateurish UI overlay?

Something who prefers the build of the One?

I could go on, the G2 is not automatically the best phone for everyone just because it has the latest specs.

It's about TIME!!! Been waiting for this but keep hearing about the HTC One Max so now I'm curious if I should get it now or just wait a little longer.

Two very different phones (from the rumors at least). The Max is said to have a 5.9 inch screen, which is a full inch larger than the 4.7 inch screen on the One.

Only if you want a phablet device with a 6 inch screen. If not then go with the One. They are two completely different devices serving two completely different markets.

Well this is good news Verizon!!! It just made my day even better this morning I was able to order my BMW HP4 Competition Very limited edition motorcycle!!!!!!

Once again, Verizon is months late to the party and acts like they're doing us a favor by bringing us an outdated phone... This is the primary reason I'll likely be leaving after this contract cycle.

It's not outdated. If you are talking about the fact that it is running 4.2.2 and not 4.3. 4.3 is not worth updating to. Have it on my Nexus 7. It isn't a very good update on many fronts. It fixed my issues that I was having with 4.2.2 up added a few more issues. And tbh honest 4.2.2 isn't worth the update. HTC should have skipped both of them and been the first OEM to release a 5.0 update.

It's not outdated. If you are talking about the fact that it is running 4.2.2 and not 4.3. 4.3 is not worth updating to. Have it on my Nexus 7. It isn't a very good update on many fronts. It fixed my issues that I was having with 4.2.2 up added a few more issues. And tbh honest 4.2.2 isn't worth the update. HTC should have skipped both of them and been the first OEM to release a 5.0 update.