Verizon is doing their BOGO thing (buy one get one free) for the Droid & Droid Eris again. But unlike the previous times, you can actually score a Droid for free (and not just the Droid Eris). Pretty good deal if you ask us but with so many new Android phones on the horizon, is it smart to buy now?



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Verizon Has BOGO For Droid & Droid Eris


I think they are doing this because Android is rocking the house in quantity/quality phones coming out world wide (most/all GSM announced). They need to sell what they have (Droid isn't a bad phone) and snag as many people as they can in a 2-year contract or announce whats coming to them.

I wonder if this has anything to do with making room for the Nexus One. I don't know how credible it is, but Google Search for "Verizon Nexus One" has a rumor of Verizon Nexus One being announced at MWC. Coincidentally, I think a big shot from Google is holding an event later this afternoon. As far as I know, it's all rumor though and don't put too much into it.

It's not a rumor. If you go to (where you buy the Nexus One to begin with), you'd see it say "Verizon (Coming soon... buy a Droid if you can't wait)".

wow, swing and a miss. the rumor was that they'd announce a release date for Verizon yesterday when MWC started

They wanna get as many people as possible on a 2 year contract before the new Android phones are released. Personally, I think the Nexus One at $179 is a better deal. You can actually buy 2 Nexus One's on T-Mobile and still come out cheaper than you would with just one Droid on Verizon.

Or go to score one for for $110 and save money because verizon charges taxes on the full $600 price of the phone.

you all come up with such foolish comments. Why is verizon offering BOGO? Simple answer people. they want to sell more phone and get more customers. thats all. no cleaning inventory, no getting ready for N1, no worries about the amount of GSM android phones. Where do you people come up with this stuff??

They just want to sell more phones and get more customers. Thats what businesses do.


I'm due for an upgrade and I have a gift card so I'm wondering if this is still a better deal than getting the two Moto phones from Amazon.