LG Lucid 2 on Verizon

4.3-inch, Android 4.1.2 smartphone will be available online April 4, in stores later

LG today announced the Lucid 2, a mid-range Android smartphone available online this week and in stores in the coming weeks for the low, low price of free on contract.

You get what you pay for, generally, in the smartphone world, but considering this phone won't cost you a dime, the specs manage to be middle of the road -- for 2012. Here's the rundown:

  • 4.3-inch IPS display at qHD resolution
  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor at 1.2 GHz.
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB storage (actual available storage will be less)
  • microSD card slot
  • 2,460 mAh battery
  • 5MP rear camera

The Lucid 2 also can take advantage of the official LG wireless charger, which we took a look at back at Mobile World Congress.

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Reader comments

Verizon goes middle of the road with the free LG Lucid 2


crazy how this is "middle of the road" yet the specs look very close to my One S. (only a better camera, and slightly better processor)

and its not even a year old yet.... :(

Well middle of the road compared to like the S3 or note two. Not terrible, but no quad core processor or 8mp camera.

Is the price difference on a 4.3" screen between qHD and 720p that much, or is that an artificial spec to charge more "higher" end phones?

If Verizon owned McDonald's the burgers would cost $12 and you could get it with free fries and a drink, or without for the same price.

When my D1 contract was up I waited 3-4 months to see all the new phones were coming out till I finally upgraded to a GNex on vzw, my phone bill did not go down for those 3-4 months after my contract was up. So you still pay the same amount after contract, I hate vzw greedy assholes.
The only thing keeping me there is my unlimited and if they force me off at the end of the year when my contract is up I hope to be able to go to the new Dish/ google carrier, so far they were still on track for the end of 2013 to start.

This is a Razr M competitor and even though it's 5 MP if it has a better camera it could sell very well (the Razr Line still has poor cameras even though they're 8 MP). These 4.3" phones are the ONLY phones with decent specs that are less then 4.7" for someone who has medium to small hands and the IPS qHD display is likely to be nicer the the Razr M amoled. At free on contract it should sell very well.

Dual-Core, or single-core?
Any mention of NFC?
I wonder how much full retail would be for this?

Any chances of it being upgraded to KLP?

Seems like the Lucid 2 is worth some consideration, a Jelley Bean smartphone with a moderate 4.3 screen instead of a monster 5.0++++ screen,. Definitely worth some consideration!

Does anyone think this will receive the KLP update? Q4 of this year, or Q2 of next year?

This is an awesome free phone! It has a huge battery for the display and it's an IPS LCD so it will be *very* bright unlike any OLED out there. qHD is a fine resolution for a 4.3" display! It even has a microSD slot! Plus it has the advantage of not having on screen buttons at the bottom wasting screen real estate every time you look at photos and use games. :) Yeah, I would pick this over the Razr M now. I think the only advantage the M has is NFC but I'd take the LCD display and larger battery over NFC any day. I'm assuming this is a 28nm S4 that still has an Adreno 225 or better GPU. There are some lame versions of the S4 that have a 45nm die size and a slower GPU I think. I would take the M over that.