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Verizon has just announced a new promotion that will provide a bit of extra incentive for users in family plans to upgrade to a smartphone this Christmas season. The offer gets rid of the $9.99 per month charge for adding lines as long as those lines are smartphones and paying the $29.99 per month charge for unlimited data. The rebate actually lasts the entire length of your contract, so assuming you stick with it for the full two years, each added smartphone line would save $240 ($10 per month for 24 months) over the life of the contract.

Verizon will start the discount pricing Nov. 19, and it will run until Jan. 7, 2011. Verizon is aiming specifically to get owners of family plans an incentive to upgrade their spouse or children to smartphones, which I am sure many will do. Family plans currently start at $69.99 and you can add up to five additional lines to the base plan. Click past the break to see some more slides we have ninja'd from Big Red that will tell you all you need to know about eligibility and pricing. [Verizon Wireless]


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El Jefe says:

Damn...and here I am just 2 months into a new contract.

thebadben says:

2nd that. "Only new customers get ice cream!"

Salviati says:

Wow, so is there any way for my family (with 5 Android phones already) to take advantage of this? Since it is a limited time promotion, I bet not.

Tallas says:

I feel like calling customer service and demanding that long time customers get this as well.. I could stand to save about $30-$40 buck on the bill right now.

Unicorn56 says:

Typical... Long time loyal customers get nothing while new, potentially transitory customers get "ice cream" and a "pony" it makes me want to go shopping with "new customer" deals from other wireless providers...

mhmmdy123 says:

Am with Sprint we get Ice Cream all the time...........

BKVic says:

Hell with that, Im much happier with the unlimited data family plan I just signed up for. Its a MUCH better deal!


BKVic says:

and with this plan you dont have to be a new customer! Ive been with Verizon for about 10 years now and when I saw a story about the plan online I called the number and got it.


Dragon1473 says:

When did you sign up for that? Every time I call they tell me one doesn't exist....

mike9670 says:

Family plan 1400 minutes with three smartphones:

$110 + $89.97 = $199.97

Sprint 1500 minutes and three smartphones = $149.99

VZW not worth it for me.

BKVic says:

If you can get the unlimited data family plan is much closer. $139.99 for the first two smart phones with 1400 min and $19.99 for the third. That's right at $160 vs $150. Ill pay the extra $10 for the better network.


mhmmdy123 says:

Both VZW and Sprint using each other network! you really having an issue dude..

mhmmdy123 says:

Plus you get unlimited data and GPS and txt with Sprint.

Verizon is not any better of a network than sprint. I've used both and will take sprint with their much better plan any day.

donnie623 says:

Expensive...cant believe people pay that much. So happy I have Sprint. Great network with a great price. Most of my family switched over and are wondering why we didnt do it sooner. Haha

BKVic says:

Expensive??? Its $10 more.....


sac130e says:

I just joined with 2 Droid X's on a family paln 4 days ago,
am I able to get this deal if I am still in the 30 day window?

BKVic says:

Call the number in the add and see if you can get in on it.


sac130e says:

Looking at my current plan:
69.99 for 700 minute family plan and 29.99 each phone for data.
So by this, looks like I don't pay for the extra I correct?

BKVic says:

The 139.99 price is for 1400 min unlimited text and data for two phones. It also includes 10 friends and family numbers. If you happen to work somewhere that gets a discount you can also use that. We get a 15% discount through my wife's work.


sac130e says:

I don't think I can get better then what I got now.
Used to be military, but retired and that discount went out the window...I think.


mhmmdy123 says:

BKVic... Dude on Sprint you don`t have to add 10 friends STUPID,it`s free to any network.

mhmmdy123 says:

Am paying 69.99 a month unlimited data talk to any network not just Sprint like VZW do,and txt... But you paying 29.99 extra a month.

kklier says:

I signed up for a new contract in September 2010 with two Android phones.

I called yesterday and they signed me up for this plan without being a "new" customer.

lacie123401 says:

Can this promotion work also for those who would buy their phone from an authorized dealer? For instance Best buy?

Adams#AC says:

If Verizon cared about their customers, they would drop the fee for every customer who has multiple smartphones! Not just try to entice new customers with the deal and anger the existing customers.

yo_mama#AC says:

Upgraded and renewed my Verizon contract with the Fascinate from Amazon Wireless for 29.99 with no activation fee on Nov 17. Best Deal I've seen this month so far and didn't want to wait for black Friday. Activated yesterday with only the $30 data add on to family plan. My daughter loves it.