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Since March of 2010, Verizon has been including a Verizon Apps store on its Android and BlackBerry handsets. When it was first created, the app landscape on Android wasn't the same as it is today. Nowadays, we're not sure who actually chooses to get an app from the Verizon store rather than Google Play. Verizon realizes this, and is going to start completely removing its Verizon Apps store from all devices starting January 2013 via software updates. Beginning immediately, customers that have installed apps from Verizon Apps are going to be notified of the changes, and monthly recurring subscriptions will be set to expire in December.

The removal process is expected to be completed by March 2013, but Verizon points out that certain apps -- especially specific business ones -- may still remain on some handsets in special cases. Presumably any additional devices that aren't updated will be phased out as new devices come to the market without Verizon Apps installed in the first place.

Source: Verizon Developer Community


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Verizon Apps is shutting down by March 2013


Are you crazy? If anything.. this means MOAR! Since they no longer have a dumb pipe for dummies to charge extra crap to their bills monthly.

I don't think it means anything will change as far as bloatware goes. Most of the same apps will probably be forced on our handsets as they are now. And I think that most, if not all, are probably available in the play store already

Seems to make sense now that vzw is adding direct billing for play store purchases.

A small crack has formed in the dam. If only this is the beginning of a whole about face at Verizon on all the bloat. I doubt it. But we can certainly hope so.

Anyone know why the Verizon NFL app for tablets doesn't let you subscribe to the red zone channel?

As for Verizon applications, one bloatware down sadly many more to go.

Yayyy!!! Verizon isn't a developer!
Their a wireless a carrier, worry about providing a strong LTE signal to my phone!

Should be a law against this anyway. They bloat the phone and also still put their branding on it. And lock them. And then they charge an expensive monthly plan plus the phones for ridiculous expensive prices too. Is it just me that thinks all that is a rip off?

Yes, Verizon has a stand alone app store but Nova Launcher allows you to hide it (and other Verizon crap) from the app drawer. Thank you Nova Launcher.