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We all have something to say about the rumored specs of the Moto X, so let's all just say it

Oh boy! A new Android phone is coming out, and testers and carrier reps have leaked about a million blog posts worth of details about it. Who would have thunk it, right? This time though, things are slightly different because the Moto X should be the first Android phone from Motorola that has Google's design and push behind it.

People are expecting a lot from the Moto X. What we've seen so far looks really interesting, with a new and improved way of harnessing the power of Google Now and very deep voice integration in the system. It's kind of creepy, kind of wonderful, and totally different. We'll have to withhold any final judgment until we actually use the damn thing, which should be soon if all those leaks are to be believed.

And then we come to the specs (insert dramatic music or something here). What the Internet wisdom says is that we'll be seeing:

  • 1.7GHz dual-core Snapgragon MSM8960DT
  • Adreno 320 GPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 10MP 'ClearPixel' camera
  • 720p display (possibly AMOLED)

This has a lot of people pissed off. Conversely, a lot of people don't care. I think I'm in the latter group, because I don't care if it runs on rubber bands or a hamster in a wheel as long as it runs well. But plenty of people feel the other way, and are scratching their head over why Motorola and Google would release a phone in 2013 with 2012 innards.

We don't have the answer to that. What we do have is a set of screencaps (courtesy of an anonymous imgur user) that supposedly show what CPU-Z says is inside the GSM Moto X -- including a crapload of sensors. You'll find those after the break, and that's where you can rant and rail over them. 


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Use this space to rant about the rumored specs of the Moto X


This looks a great phone for the 90% of the people out there buying phones who just want something solid. The other 10% will get all upset that it isn't the device they created in their heads.

This phone is gonna be great(oh this is Mr. 90% speaking here). If people are really bent out of shape about it, then they don't need to buy it. Google and Motorola isn't forcing it into anyone's hand, nor are they breaking any contract made with any of us, about said "unofficially" announced device not meeting our unquenchable expectations. Just my $0.02

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This is a Great Mid-Range phone, other than a lack of an sd slot, First moto smart phone to not have one, but when left with 12 gb after software and i use 4 gb in apps and games that leaves 8 gb left, no thanks.

I hope their Flagship/ Hero device in october will have better specs, that's the one I'll wait for to replace my vzw GNex. And if that doesn't impress maybe Nexus will have an lte device this year, doubtful I know.

I think people have a right to be pissed with the specs, dual-core S4? that's a budget or maybe mid level device which wasn't worth all of the hype that this phone had for a year.

The specs simply aren't flagship worthy.

Well...It's not a flagship.. I'm pretty sure the point of this is to make it as cheap as possible so people will feel compelled to give the motorola experience a chance. I'm sure it'll run great. I don't even need a new phone and i'm considering taking one of these for a spin.

Depends entirely on price. Would you complain about the specs if the phone was priced at $249 off-contract?

That is the same formula that has made Apple so successful. They marketed a phone that focused on the 10% of what a smartphone is about, and that user spends 90% of their time using. This phone will fill a niche that has been abandoned by most of the android phone makers, usability.

Solid? Anything made in usa is NOT going to be "solid" . Well maybe a solid bet the phone will break, fall apart, have shortages. The unions that are making this overpriced paperweight should be ashamed. I think this is going to be such a buisness flop by making in America, the unions will end up making the government by the overpriced phones to be the new obama phone..

That's a lot America hatred there, I thought we were talking about a phone. But what you said was American workers suck and so does the President. Maybe not in those particular words, but you'd be hard pressed to translate that troll-y statement any other way.
As for the phone itself, I think it will be great. The writing is on the wall it seems, that even as Americans speak of having choices they prefer them to be made for them, the "Apple way" proves it. The problem with the way companies have gone after Apple is that they always tried to be the new apple, what they should've done was came up with an open standard and worked together. Now it seems with Microsoft making the Surface and soon their own phones and Google already there, the Apple way has won.

Jesus what an idiot...go take your ignorant dumbass redneck opinions elsewhere.

Oh and moron, the "Obama phone" was actually a Bush phone first since that program was under Bush.


Also I would buy it just because it was made in america. The only way the US is ever going to get back up again is through manufacturing. Companies like Motorola with Google Taking the lead by example and investing in America is the way to go.

Corporation make things over seas, don't pay taxes or very little, and then hide their money over seas, but want the Freedoms and Security of the United States. I say invest in America or GTFO

My guess is even we 10%er's will love it too when we see the price; I think this phone is going to be free on contract and $99.00 off! If Googles going to spend $500m to market it, why not spend another $500m subsidizing it? Google wants to neutralize Samsung and drive a stake in Microsoft and this is how you do it imo. And what Microsoft and Nokia need to do too imo...

This would be a great phone had the display been 1080P and it had at least a Snapdragon 600

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Thing is? That's not completely true. The S4 Pro is a very capable chip, and you won't even notice that it doesn't have 1080p unless you directly compare it to a phone that does.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Software optimization is extremely important. The iPhone which only has a duel core chip still runs like butter. It is all due to software optimization. You don't need has much raw power to get the same results if you optimize the software. I personally think that this will be the next big thing.

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaH Men! (cue chorus of angels Choir). On the software. If you have bad software you tend to throw hardware it to solve the issues. Good software can run like a beast on much less powerful hardware

This will always be the issue with apps developed to run on different operating systems due to the different revision of android out in the world. Developers I have to believe have a lot bigger task to make programs run like "butter" on android due to the OS fragmentation. iOS and WP8 can run on lesser spec machines just because apps have to be written for just one OS as has been pointed out. I think as android users we need to be content with the idea is issue will always be there because of the OS fragmentation.

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The same can be said about the Nokia Lumia line of Windows Phones as well. Those run very well on Windows Phone 8 and by not having the highest end tech specs, helps to keep costs down.

This will likely also help with battery life, which we all know Motorola does pretty well at.

I agree... Software optimization is what android needs to take things even further.

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I'm gonna throw in another example with the Galaxy S4 and One. The GS4 is clocked higher, but suffers often from lag. The One on the other hand, almost never lags, because Sense 5 is lighter/more optimized for speed than Touchwiz is.

Also, the Nexus 4 creates a more seamless experience than both of the two, because it's software was built specifically for the hardware it's running, like with iPhones.

No matter how much you optimize the software this chip is not going to make the device future proof for LTE-Advance. If Motorola really uses this chip on the Moto X I think that they are shooting them self on the foot from the get go. The Snapdragon S800 is LTE-Advance ready, and it was announced at CES. Unless they are releasing another device towards the end of the year with the S800.

Not just that, but it's still a slower processor than even last year's Nexus 4. You can optimize the software to make it smooth all you want, but it's still going to be a slower device all around.

I don't mind the 720p display (I can barely tell a difference between the Nexus 4 and HTC One) or the 16GB of storage with the lack of a microSD slot, but that processor is pretty disappointing. But it's sold in the Nexus 4 price range on Verizon, I'll still get it.

The thing is that Apple phones don't multitask, at least the way android phones do. As a result, Android phones provide a much better user experience with powerful specs.

In response to "optimization", I believe the ability to use slower chips on IOS is also largely due to the operating system being a locked down compared to the open source nature of android. We simply can do more with Android.

I do think the phone will run fine out of the box, but with future updates the phone will eventually be underpowered.

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I agree with the resolution argument... Kinda. I would expect 1080p but 720 is still a better resolution then the latest iPhone but apple has convinced people that that's all you will ever need. Apple specs are always behind android. Somehow however they make users happy with a great experience. That's all anyone wants. If Google and Motorola can replicate that and somehow sell the phone unlocked at subsidized prices I think it's a gold mine !

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iPhone 5 specs: 4" display at 326ppi, dual core A6 chip, 1GB of RAM, one of the best GPU's in a phone.

Moto X: dual core device, 2GB RAM, 720P display screen.

I don't think the iPhone is bad, stop bashing the iPhone when you know nothing about it.

Let's be clear. I made no mention of the PPI. I said the resolution wasn't even 720p. It isn't. It's 1136 x 640. It has a dual core processor. Way after quad core was available. My wife items one and I bought it and set it up for her. Thanks for assuming you knew my life. Apple is always low on specs and hardware but still always delivers a great user experience. That's what I said.

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To be fair, I do not think you do either. Evidence is by you saying "A6 chip", "one of the best GPU" and "dual core device". How vague.

How is it vague? the iPhone 5 has a dual core processor based of ARM's A15 chip architecture. Yes it is true it DOES have one of the best GPU's in a phone, how is that vague?

So you're saying its better than the adreno 320? Why are you even here?....

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Because the Moto X interests me deeply and I have a Nexus 4 I'm ready to upgrade:P

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I agree with you. My current phone is a nexus4. I have never had a phone with a 1080p screen or LTE (I dont count the gs3 I had on sprint because sprint LTE is about a prevalent as golden unicorns where I live.)When I heard about a new phone Google and Motorola were making I got my hopes up high and thought it would meet all of my expectation.

Its my fault. Nobody told me to get my hopes up high. So, maybe it will be a great phone but I have no interest in it anymore knowing that the CPU is not up to par with my current phone and screen is the same.

I currently have a 720P phone, and I'm completely happy with it. 1080P is really just a number to get the geeks geeking. 720P looks pretty good on a 32" TV. On a 5" screen, it's fantastic. If you're bitching about 720P, you're just bitching to bitch.

the real question is why does it matter. Phone's don't have to be spec'd out the ass to be great. Hell the Nexus 4 didn't even have 4g LTE but it's fantastic. you don't need a quad core in this phone. you don't need 1080p except to brag about the fact that you have 1080p. Sorry you didn't get to visit the factory yourselves and put the phone together by hand. like what else do you want? it's nice, visually pleasing, and specs are for the real tech nerds. It's a wonderful phone from what I've seen.

I fully agree. I think that as long as the phone runs smoothly, it doesn't really matter what's on the inside. The software experience is what is really going to make this phone, and i believe that Google and Moto have done a great job (from what I've seen thus far) of making sure that the software is amazing and useful without being gimmicky or more than any actual person would use (I'm looking at you Samsung).

So why would Moto-Goog use last years specs? That's an easy one. They want this phone to be free on contract so that it can get into as many people's hands as possible. There are not a lot of people who can afford to fork out even $100 for a top end phone. What Google is saying with the Moto X is that you can still have a top of the line software experience without paying an arm and a leg.

Hell, this phone might even have a cheap off-contract price to encourage more people to upgrade before their contract is up. Another speculation of mine is that Google might be using the Motorola user interface to test out new features (such as this always-on Google Now connection) before they officially add them to Vanilla Android. I could be way off base we these last 2, but I'm pretty sure I'm correct about this phone being free when it comes out. Just my 2 cents

I don't think it's going to be free on contract. Woodside said that there will be other devices from Motorola that will be priced lower than the Moto X. He also said that it's explicitly designed to compete with the iPhone and Galaxy lineup. It may cost less than those phones, but I don't think it's going to be free.

It will probably be fairly cheap -- if the customization of it is a big part of the strategy, it will have to be around $250 off contract. At this price, wireless carrier can easily subsidize it and offer the phone free.

This thing will be made in America, there is no way they can manufacture this thing and sell it at that price without incurring a loss.

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Why would customization mean it has to be around $250 off contract rather than... $100 to $300 ON contract depending on what options you choose? Is there anything about Moto or Google selling these directly that means they have to be no-contract devices?

1080p even on a 4.7 inch screen is noticeably sharper than a 720p screen. Most smartphone owners consume a lot of media content on their devices these days so why not want the absolute best experience you can have

Joshua Jordan

I'm intrigued by the Moto X, and I am in the camp which don't really care what it runs on as long as it runs well. The voice commands seems interesting, as well as the use of motion. Also, from the Eric Schmidt images with the While Moto X, I think the hardware design is great as well. I like it very much indeed. :D

I am anxious to see what Motorola has done here, specs be damned. I still think there's a lot for us to learn about this phone and the experience it has to offer. I am not going to assume it's subpar simply based on what we know so far.

The people who are only impressed by a spec sheet can just go get a Samsung.

If the battery lasts all day I'd only want 32 GB of storage to be happy. I'd pay $500 for that.

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People need to understand that specs aren't everything, and that software optimization ultimately reigns superior. You're all going to hate me for this but the iPhone with "crappy" 2011-2012 specs runs smoother than the gs4 and many other top tier android phones. And that's all because of software optimization. Stop denying it, it's true. It might not be much smoother, but it def is. Now don't go calling me some apple fanboy, just look at my post history, I'm more of an android fan than anything. Now, even windows phones with crappy specs run smoothly, and that's because of software optimization. So if Google/Motorola optimized the hell out of android to run smoothly on the moto x, just like they did with the nexus devices then disappointing specs don't mean a thing.

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It's true and you're right, because Touchwiz, Sense, and Optimus UI are all the cancer that wants to slowly kill the Android master race :/

I won't be getting this phone (Nexus "5" for me this year), but I won't chastise it until I see it up and running.

My Galaxy Nexus never ran smooth as hell, neither does my brothers. My GS3 runs a lot better and smoother than it, even running TouchWiz.. The iPhone reigns superior when it comes to smoothness.. even when I use my other brothers Nexus 4.. Android is still not as buttery as it should. I still get random reboots with my GS3, although not nearly as much as my GNex (could be Verizon Radios though).

That's because vanilla ice cream didn't have the software optimization on an OS level that newer devices have. Until project butter came around ics, at least from my experience, was pretty jerky on a number of devices

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Verizon Radios...SAMSUNG raidios are shit. Every RAZR user has at least 2-3 more bars + 4G when my GN and friend's GS4 is on 3G... Moto reigns supreme!

Not the HTC One, and likely not the LG either. Please don't try to lump great phones in with plastastic GS4.

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They are smoother than the s4 but not as smooth as the iphone. Accept the truth man.

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The truth is that my One is smoother/snappier than my buddy's iPhone 5 - with the exception of Chrome, which still isn't perfectly smooth when scrolling and that needs to be fixed.

My Galaxy Nexus running Jellybelly (JDX) is snappier than the iPhone 5. You're right about chrome, and hangouts lag SUX too...

While I do agree that the OG Pro & One are snappier than the GS4, I think the One is smoother than the iPhone 5. Its THE fastest device I've ever used extensively, including the past 3 iPhones.

I look forward to people who experience lag right away when they have their music player running and looking up stuff on their browser at the same time.

Ummmm.... have you not looked at the S4 pro? It's not that old of a chip, and it is still really good, despite the fact that much better chips have come out in the last few months. With 2 gigs of RAM and Google overseeing the software development of this phone, I don't think multitasking will be a problem at all. There has been a huge push in Android lately to make the user experience smooth and to remove lag. I don't think either of these companies would let their first product in over half a year, which everyone in the press is looking at and ready to scrutinize, be the janky piece of garbage that you seem to be expecting. Have some faith already

Considering that my GS3 doesn't lag when I multitask (I play music while using my phone for web browsing, navigation, and lots of other stuff), I highly doubt a phone with [marginally] better specs running vanilla Android will lag.

OMG! Only 2 cores? How can it even function? I can't believe it can even turn the screen on! Get out of here.

Experience is what counts. This phone is an attempt to create an experience-oriented device, something like what Apple has done with its iOS devices. That's what the deep voice integration is about (similar from what I have read from what they are doing with Google Glass). As Apple has demonstrated, an experience-oriented phone doesn't need cutting edge specs to be popular with the vast bulk of actual, you know, users. GoogleMotorolla is likely aiming at that 90-95% of the market that consists of normal people who simply want a phone that does what they need it to do, and which delights them by being fun and intuitive to use. 1080p is nice, but do most users crave it (Apple sells lots of phones without it).

Now, what I do think Motorolla needs to address is battery life. Ordinary folks notice stuff like that.

Motorola addressed battery life with their maxx series, but hopefully they bring some of that tech into the moto x.

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I think you hit the nail on the head about Google aiming at the vast majority of users with this phone. You can quote specs to the layman all day, but ultimately it is the experience that is going to sell people on a phone. Google is smart in realizing this important demographic of the market.

I'm fine with the specs if Google sells it unlocked for cheap. The chipset makes sense for a cheap but not inferior phone as it has the proper wireless radios integrated on chip. APQ8064 doesn't have that, Snapdragon 600 doesn't have that. It's got more GPU than the S4 Plus from the GSIII and One X from last year without probably being too expensive for their bottom line. The phone will probably be a good performer, I'm just interested in price and if the voice features are apart of Android 4.3 and if a Google Play edition is coming and of course, is cheap unlocked given the specs.

I'm really hoping an unlocked version is sold as well. It doesn't have to be as cheap as a Nexus 4, but if it's sub $500, I'll bite.

The only reason I don't think it will be a bargain bin price like the Nexus 4 is because it's not a Nexus branded device. It's still Motorola. But I do hope that I'm wrong

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I don't think it will be bargain bin price because of the lte chip. For some reason the lte chips always add on an extra 100-200 dollars to price

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That makes no sense. The Nexus 4 has an LTE zip in it. Google disabled it with an update due to the fact that they didn't get it approved by the FCC.

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I dont remember where I saw it but I'm pretty sure it was either here, gizmodo or phandroid stating that the motorola X is a mid-range phone. When I read that I initially had speculated thats what it would be.

Pretty much every site has reported it to be mid range. Bit disappointing but it's not looking to be a bad phone.

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In the past, I have heard it would be the "Galaxy killer".....I think not, nor is it a HTC One killer, nor a BB Z10 killer, and not even an IPhone killer. Very disappointed....this thing is abysmal at best. Had high hopes for Motorola and those hopes just died.

How about we reserve how this phone fairs against other phones until it is officially announced.

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How could you say this thing isn't a z10 killer when the z10 isn't even in the picture. BB is going to pretty much be dead within the next 5 years which is generous and has sold terrible to date. I understand those other phones but don't include a sub par phone that hasn't sold a lot at all.

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I'm speaking purely on aesthetics and functionality, features, smoothness of ui, etc. Just because it hasn't sold a lot doesn't mean it is sub par. I will agree BB most likely not be around in 5 years but face facts, neither would Motorola without Google keeping it afloat, especially with the likes of the phone this article is about.

I think it all comes down to price. If they price it low, it could be a huge seller. But if they price it like some rumors are saying close to flagship devices it will flop terribly. Specs are nice but you have to remember it is pretty much running stock android.

If its as customizable as is rumored, performs as well as shown in the vimeo video in a previous comment, made in Texas, and hits the play store at the same price as a Nexus 4...people will lose their shit.

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I am no tech aficionado, but I do read a lot of mobile tech blogs. I understand that cores don't mean as much as we think, that pretty screens with more letters and higher numbers are unnecessary, and that folks can't seem to get over missing SD card slots.

Just as Apple fleeced the masses into believing that a phone should have sex appeal to make you relevant, the OEMs are selling specs over performance. I believe specs are important, but hey are not ALLLL important. I'd love to have a better battery in my GNex. That's about it. It lacked the top tier specs of 2012/2011, but it runs very well (thanks, #AOKP). We begin to believe that specs replace sex (appeal) and that cores and fresh chips make a device. It doesn't. Sex appeal is great, as is a powerhouse device, but smooth is what we really want. Under spec'd and late to the dance, iDevices sell. I hate 'em, but they do. They aren't perfect, but 'smooth' says otherwise and no one knows that touching the screen while loading a web page delays the loading of the web page. Try it.

I want a flagship device worth bragging about, or at least I think I do. If Googlerola lied and said they were beast specs only to sell a buttload and reveal the underwhelming specs, would anyone know before the reveal? Yes, yes.. there are tests, but would any of the non-10% really know? I doubt anyone would if operation was flawless.

If the X is what we get this year (although I have to believe there's a hero device out there waiting to leak), I welcome it. Separate or not, Google has a similar advantage to Apple in that they now have authority over both software AND hardware. The only other other company to do that is Blackberry and regardless of the critics, the Z10 is a nice device, especially for their first real touchscreen device. Sorry, but the Storm doesn't count.

If the reports are true, Googlerola won't need bleeding edge specs anymore. As someone pointed out earlier, it's about software optimization. Nexus comes close, but that's an area in which Googlerola has been absent as the judge, jury, and executioner.

Bring on the X!!

"I'd love to have a better battery in my GNex. That's about it."

Seriously. That's really the only problem I have with my Galaxy Nexus, too. It's why I'm anxious for a new phone: I'm tired of worrying about my battery.

It looks like the Moto X is a step up from the Galaxy Nexus. That, combined with Motorola's history with battery life, makes me excited for this phone.

It's possible that I'll be disappointed with the Moto X, of course. But I'm not going to write it off without really knowing anything about it, unlike so many others.

I'm with you. I may WANT a powerhouse, but I've barely seen the phone, barely know the specs. I thought the Android users would be more.. I dunno, EXCITED to finally get a product truly made from a Google hardware company. Instead, it's pass on this, doubts on that.

I haven't the foggiest idea what to expect based on what I've managed to collect from a bunch of blogs, images, and videos. My ego wants bigger, better, MORE. My common sense wants a flawlessly smooth UX to make the Google integration emerge like a dawning luminary.

I remember wishing I could attend I/O in May. Then, I watched it. It was cool, but there weren't any tangible announcements. Everything was about new features and APIs. It hit me: this IS what I want. I want more features, more integration, a more robust experience. Instead of appreciating the possibilities, I focused on something shiny. I don't want shiny for the long term; I want experience.

ON THIS DAY, we will separate Fanboys from Users. I AM A FUSER (or con-FUSER). Users can be fanboys, but fanboys cannot all be users. In a blind technolust, the fanboy wishes to dominate the terra-mobile with brain-melting specs despite a jerky and cluttered UX. As a FUSER, I want a balance of both. Join the FUSE movement! Smoothness will be OURS!!

(Queue the cheers and release the doves.)

I am right there with you all.. battery life is about it.. with aokp it runs great.. All i do now is carry a spare battery in my pocket and i have no real issues. Looking forward to these new phones as well as vzw getting the htc one.

I love my GNEX with aftermarket extended battery on VZW.
Unfortunately it is still the only vanilla Andriod on VZW.
To me the important specs are barely being mentioned.
At a minimum I want the following on VZW.
1. Vanilla Andriod
2. LTE
3. 32 GB internal
4. 4000 mA battery
When a phone has the above without installing custom is when I will get excited.

I agree with all of this, but the SD card slot. That 16 GB space can get eaten up pretty quick, especially if you have high end games like GTA or Dead Trigger.

I want this device so bad but seeing how I live the Nexus line I have to wait to see the new Nexus and making a decision then. Motorola is going to be the next big thing... again.

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I read somewhere that Google/Motorola are trying to put an end to the "Spec War" between manufacturer's. So this makes me think that this new device will he optimized out the waazoo to run as smooth as (project) butter. So I'm thinking I'll wait to see what happens when this and 4.x (next) comes out.

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-insert generic rant about the specs here-

Nah, I think we've hit enough power in our phones to stop dickwaving and throwing benchmarks at each other. It's all about the user experience (which is why some people prefer the One to the S4. you know. no lag and stuff?) and price. If Moto have a smooth user experience at a good price, they've got a winner on their hands. ESPECIALLY if Google are spending half a billion dollars on advertising (you know, they could totally just give me like $100 and I'll tell everyone to buy the phone too.)

Don't really care about the specs if the software is highly optimized, efficient and it preforms and runs well. If it is fast with quick UI and a good fast camera, who cares what is inside. I mean, I do, but not really.

Wife's brand new HTC One, does nothing better than my two year old bionic. Other than maybe a faster camera.

People don't say, "Whoa look at that CPU" when they see the One.

What they say is, "that is a cool looking phone, what is it!?"

Now the Moto X's industrial design language leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like a generic brand phone, in fact, it looks like a place holder, used by various companies to indicate an android phone.

If you are not going to sell it with specs might as well make it look "sexy", "cool", as it is right now, the above words don't apply. It is just not aesthetically pleasing.

If you de-emphasize specs, you better emphasis looks, features alone are not going to sell it.

Fashion models don't get popular because of their brains.

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I think this is where the rumored customization comes into play. You want a personal phone, there's nothing better than choosing what everyone else sees from a huge assortment (latest leak suggested metal/wood/ceramic back plates a possibilities). If these sell really well, and Motorola is smart enough to send the design specs out to 3rd party accessory dealers, it could spark a level of customization not seen since the old Nokia candy bars (there were literally THOUSANDS of faceplates and backplates to choose from, eclipsing what is even seen with iPhone cases).

Personally, I love the understated front fascia, as there is nothing to distract me from what is on the screen. I'd love to have some fun with that back plate though. Smooth, oh=so-slightly textured black plastic that smoothly transitions to a tungsten-carbide inset.../swoon. I would pay so much for that.

Well, from the pictures, the jelly bean shape does not appeal to me at all. Custom backs and colors notwithstanding.

Maybe my opinion will change when I see it in person, but who knows.

Just recently I went to at&t store to buy a charger, just looking around subjectively, my eyes where drawn either to the One, or the new Nokias, the rest seemed generic and bland.

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It can be as generic and bland as all get-out, as long as it fits nicely into my hand and gives me a pretty screen to look at.

I completely agree that I don't care what the specs are as long as the phone runs great...BUT my experiences thus far on android tells me that Android in general needs beefy hardware to remain fluid over the long haul. I am sure the Moto X will be a great phone in month 1 and everyone will say who needs a quad core processor?! But what about a year or two down the line? People talk about optimizing software for the hardware but I don't think Android can be optimized in the same way as iOS can (much of that having to do with the priority that iOS gives to touch input over other processes). And if there is one thing that my GNex and Nexus 7 has taught me its that software does not remain optimized for your old device once newer and more powerful hardware starts showing up.

I could of course be wrong and i'm sure the 2gb of ram will help a lot. But as the specs stand now I would have strong reservations about the longevity of this device.

That's kind of the elephant in the Android ecosystem, and hopefully Google's recent hints show that they are going to address that issue. Much of their focus during I/O was on UX and optimization, so I have a feeling that the next few iterations of Android will focus heavily on optimization as well.

That's kind of how it has always been in Linux though. Push out features early and often, let the masses show you better/faster/different ways of doing it, and slowly but surely you will move towards a much better experience. That's one of the reasons that Linux traditionally runs really well on older hardware and newer hardware, because people are constantly developing for both.

As far as the RAM goes, more RAM is always better in Linux, but it won't have much effect unless you switch between apps a lot. As for the older hardware getting left behind, that's the way of all technology unfortunately. Even Apple has to let their older devices go without newer features, and without updates altogether eventually. In Android the time period was unfortunately much shorter, but it is getting better, and hopefully will be addressed completely in the next minor/major update to the OS.

Rumors have said that key lime pie would require lower specs to run so that could help with the longevity of this device.

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Basically the sensor has rgb and now a clear pixel. The idea is that the clear pixel is sensitive to low light and this keeps the sensor "alive" in low light situations.

Posted via Android Central App

As far as CPU, GPU, or RAM, it is what it is.

I would hope Moto-Goog would have increased the on board storage, though, as well as used a 1080 display.

The specs listed above, along with Moto's 3300mAh battery, 32GB of storage, and a 1080 display would be a killer device; those specs would be the cherry on top for a device largely oriented towards the software side of things, IMO.

To have 1080 they'd have to go with bigger screen. I think Moto wanted to hit the "sweet spot" so they went with a smaller screen. 5" phones are on the border of being niche.

Lol. So the TWO largest selling Android handsets, SGS3 and SGS4 are niche products? You need a refund from your business school.

Posted via Android Central App

GS3 is not 1080 nor 5" yet is sold extremely well.
Perhaps you need a refund if you think that the reason GS4 is selling so well is because of 1080/5.

And where did I say that 5" is niche? Did you miss "on the border"?

Disclosure: I currently own GS4 and will trade it for X if I like the screen quality and camera

Actually I think 5" would be the new sweet spot... Not too big in the hand yet lots of real estate to work with...

Posted via Android Central App

The only thing I have an issue with is the storage and the screen resolution. Other than that that specs are acceptable providing the price reflects them.

Posted via Android Central App

My dismay is that with everything this phone is being marketed as the specs just aren't adding up. I have an EVO LTE right now and the proposed SOC in this thing is a minimal upgrade at best. I dont care how optimized your software is there is only so much you can get out of a chipset. This is starting to sound first-gen Palm Pre like

"everything this phone is being marketed"? It hasn't even been formally announced yet. Except for the one ad that came out on the 3rd that lists NO specs, there has been no marketing at all.

Not true. Moto has themselves spoke about sensors and other software goodies. They also have posters already

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Nexus 4 with Galaxy Nexus display. Should be 32 gb. This better be $300 max off contract. Still wouldn't buy, even if the battery lasts a week.

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I've actually heard that Google is using a custom chip that has 4 cores and probably based on the s4 pro but custom to googles liking. So I wouldnt rule anything out yet and tbh I'm really excited about this device software wise just from this leaked video.

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And where did you "hear" this from? Google doesn't have their own fab, and the S4 Pro is proprietary to Qualcomm. We know their roadmap. I'm pretty sure we'd know if something like this was in the works.

If I could design the Moto X phone this would be the specs:

1080p Super Almond display 370ppi 1480x980 pixels

4.8 inch diagonal screen size

15 megapixel ClearPixel camera (Back)

5 megapixel camera (Front)

32, 64, or 128 Gigabytes of Memory

1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8960DT

3 gigabytes of ram

3500 milliamp battery

Mali T604 GPU

There is so much wrong with this.

What is your first spec? It can't be both 1080p and 1480x980, which is a much lower resolution. 1080p is 1920x1080. Period. Pick one.

Screen size is very much an issue for a lot of people. The fact that this may go 4.3" actually gives this some serious mass market appeal. I know my girlfriend won't buy it at your size, but may at 4.3".

What? Why a 15MP? Totally ridiculous and unnecessary. Especially if they're already making the effort to give us new tech to improve image quality. Stop the MP war.

Why do we need 5MP in the front? That's ridiculous. 2MP gives us 1080p streaming. Why would we need dramatically more than that for a front camera?

I think starting at 16GB is much smarter, for mass market, but I'll give you wanting 32 and 64GB options. 128GB isn't currently feasible. Price would be insane, and there's actually a performance hit. Also the chips just aren't available to do it efficiently yet.

I'm so confused as to why you made all the other specs insane, but kept the processor the same.

We don't need 3GB of RAM. First off, most of the time RAM is doubled. Second, we don't have anything filling 2GB yet. My Nexus 4 is NEVER close to running out of RAM. No reason to add a second chip (the only way they'd get to 3GB is with two chips) with an asynchronous amount of memory for no benefit.

Sure, on the GPU, I guess.

Seriously, though, get a handle on your expectations, and match them up with the real world.

I see no wrong with AndroidDev's fantasy phone if anything Id up the specs with a quad core, 5-5.3 inch screen, for shits and giggles give it 4GB of ram and make it dual boot-able with Ubuntu or your favorite Linux OS. To answer your question about the front camera; just because its 1080p streaming it's still grainier than grits. 15mp for the rear isn't bad either if software could utilize it, imagine the crisp pictures it would take. Also what rock have you been under the S3 screen size has proven its a sweet spot for the mass market. A 4.3 inch screen nowadays is small. Remember also were talking technology there's no such thing as too much or overly high expectations. Imagine still being on dail-up or watching analog tv.

RE front facing cameraa:

My only comment on this is to remind folks that Deaf people need a front facing camera that can handle streaming video so that Sign Language does to shutter, freeze or pixelate etc. Visual language needs for a camera are different that of spoken language. The distance between the commnuicator and device are likewise different between visual and spoken languages.

Honestly I think the phones appearance looks a tad bit outdated and so are the specs. But for the general consumer its a hell of a deal

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Aside from inadequate storage the specs are basically OK, as long as full retail price is in the sub $300 range and the typical Moto unlockable bootloader is absent.

This has the potential to hurt Android's reputation, unless it is as cheap as it's specs, and runs like a race car - for a full day on a single charge.

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iOS and Windows Phone 8 run extremely well on the very same hardware. Maybe if this is optimized all the way around it will perform just as well.

Posted via Android Central App

Optimize? No. Limit? Yes. Android does more than either of the other phones. That's why the performance isn't as tight.

It's a nexus 4 with 2 less cores, and other than benchmarks, the real world performance will be about the same. We're at a point where software is way behind hardware, and its not the same soc in the one x by any means, it's got 2gb of ram and the adreno 320 and that matters more than amount of cores. Only reason I wouldn't buy one, because I bought a nexus 4 six months ago

Despite being labeled as "2012 hardware", the S4 pro in the Nexus4 is woefully overpowered. Try using a cpu monitor to see how much time it spends with the cores powered off. The vast majority of people are playing casual games, browsing the web, email, photos, Facebook, and so on. They will get the same experience on this as the LG G2 running S800.

Yes thank you, a lot of people seem to miss that about the CPU and GPU. I'm in the same boat. I love the look of it but I'm not going to get rid of my two month old nexus 4 for it

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With specs like these could we be seeing a Nexus 4 style pricing structure but across all carriers, not Nexus android version updating, but just off contract pricing?

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My mom is going to need a new phone soon and I think this would be great for her. Seems to have great features, got specs good enough for her to communicate and look at her calendar and email. She isnt playing games so i am excited just for that reason

I have an iPhone but i own other android devices too but I remember everyone was making fun of the iPhone for having bad specifications. Now the Moto X has the same story and people are saying it's okay for it to have last years specs as long as it runs smooth. Well the iPhone is silky smooth so please don't be hypocritical. I can't wait for this device to come out because I think google and Moto will hit the software/hardware right on the head.

Actually, those people that made fun of the iPhone specs are probably the same people that are complaining about the moto x specs.

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Most people that make fun of the Apple do so for 2 reasons:

1> Tiny assed screen
2> Crappy walled-garden OS.

Neither of these are likely to be included in the Moto X.

It's all about the price. What do you pay for those iPhone specs?

I would expect with these specs that the Moto X will be $99 on-contract and $299 off-contract from Google Play. May even be free on-contract. That would be awesome.

Wuts wrong with the specs? Specs don't make the phone. And those are pretty good specs to begin with

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I don't think it's the specs I care about, so much as the specs combined with the price. If it has those specs AND it's $599, then no way is it a good call. If it's priced similarly to a Nexus 4, though, as it should be from those specs, or maybe a little more? Sounds great to me.

If moto sold one to every member of this site, and no one else, they'd go out of business. OTOH, they could sell not a single one to members of this site, and still sell 20 million to the vast majority of buyers who don't know a Gigahertz from a Gigabyte, or a milliAmp from a millipede, but just love the things the phone does.

Guess which market Moto cares about?

From what I Have heard from people who have been "Hands On" with the X, it is not designed for power users. Now that comment maybe because the screen isn't 5" +, or because the chip set is 2 revs behind the absolute latest tech (S4 pro vs SnapDragon 800). I can't quantify the perception that it is not for power users, but that is what i have been told. And that may not be bad. If you think about it, a solid phone in the $45 to $99 (on contract) and $299-$499 off contract that is available on all carriers with some customization (colors and special back plates and inscriptions) and speedy upgrades, that has Moto's build quality and radio code, could be a huge win. I don't think Moto is aiming the X at the Nerds and Android enthusiasts. They are looking at the vast part of the populace who have iPhone 4, and 4s's who are due for an upgrade and not liking iOS as much. This device with a smaller screen, and solid, but not insane chip set may get tremendous battery life by today's standards and that cannot overlooked. (said the guy getting about 2.5 hours out of his G'Nex!). I think the Ultra line will be more geared towards the power hungry users. While it will be a VZW exclusive I would expects a similar device to show up on ATT and others shortly. So think of the X as more of an Everybody device and less of a hero device and it may make a metric ton of sense what Moto is trying to do here.

Specs only matter to the nerds who frequent tech sites on a daily basis. No offense, but its the truth. Apple ever market specs? Do you all ever see specs in the forefront of marketing campaigns for phones? No, because the avg consumer doesn't understand or care to understand what makes their phone go. As long as it looks cool, has cool features and buzzwords, great camera, and is a great performer, people will buy. IPhone is clearly behind in specs but its a good looking phone with cool features and ecosystem and flawless performance. If Google markets this right and it actually performs up to par, it'll do fine.

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Outside of iPhone 5, I really don't agree that the previous Iphones looked good. The large bezel has a Nintendo "DS" look about them.. More like a toy.

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There are only 3 things that I need that would make me trade in my Nexus 4:

1. 32gb of storage
2. LTE
3. MAXX like battery life

If the Nexus 5 has everything the Nexus 4 had plus these items, I'm sold. Otherwise, I'll keep waiting.

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It's definitely getting LTE since it was already confirmed for Verizon and all other major carriers, check.
Storage options will be customizable according to Google, check.

Battery is a ? But it's been confirmed that they have some new battery controller tech.

What I'm looking for is this:
1. Screen quality on par with GS4 or at least GS3.
2. Camera quality on par with GS4 or at least iPhone5.

How does this stack against the N4? I have an lg l9 but I want a phone that will last me for two years. I've been thinking about getting an N4 but the moto x is looking somewhat decent.

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It all depends on the price. If it is priced right those specs won't even matter. I have an S3 and have never once thought it was not able to handle all I throw at it. Give me LTE, a nice screen, capable camera and stock Android and I'll probably post my S3 on Craigslist...if the rumors about the price are true.

The one thing I'm curious about and looking forward to is the 10MP clear camera. As for the other doesn't have much of a WOW factor but all depends on how it performs in actual everyday life usage.

I'll keep my Razr HD.
Not motivating enough. Needs the Quad Core.

It's just an incremental update over my Razr HD. PASS!

People who haven't renewed in the last year are more of the target audience.

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Ehem.. Guys the Snapdragon MSM8690 is the s4 plus, not pro.. Its relatively inferior to the nexus 4..

its true specs don't mean everything and optimization is a big deal but lacking hardware is also a problem for a new phone. you have to look at the long picture we are going to have the phone for probably 2 years. things change in that amount of time especially for games(hopefully for the better). As the games and other highly intensive apps start coming out in the market your going to want a faster running device. now i am not saying that the rumored specs are terrible but it doesn't have future proofing as much as the newer chips have. as we get more advanced with the chips they will be able to do more things getting closer to actual laptop capabilities. So as nice as it sounds to have a phone that you can customize, if the chip doesn't have future proof i don't want it. not saying that in two years the games and other apps are going to be out there but if you look at the progress we have made in the last two years in phones and software for the phones do you really want to take second rate hardware if its going to limit you later.

I wanted better specs, more processor and maybe one more gig of ram, but the phone seems very capable.

My only remaining concern is the price, which I think needs to be south of $400 off contract. Anything more than that, and I might as well go for a HTC One, GS4, GN3 or G2.

The only reason specs ever mattered were because Android ran like garbage. If the phone runs well who cares. Will it be able to run everything that most of the population needs? Absolutely. That's what matters.

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Has there been any actual news about the phones screen size? I hope it isn't 4.3 inches (as rumoured) and something closer to 4.7ish. The phone looks longer than 4.3 inches but that could be because of the aspec ratio that the phone has.

If it's kept cheap off contract, I might get one. I don't think it's much to be exited about, though. This phone was crushed by it's own hype months ago.

As a Google and android fan that has always had a Motorola phone... the first droid (loved that keyboard) and now using the bionic (kind of can't wait to trash of my bionic) yet although moto has had its issues I still believe in the company. It looks great and I have faith that Google and Motorola won't let us down. Although who wouldn't love some great specs ( I know I would ) I still can't wait to get into a Verizon store and get my hands on it.

I'm with you man, push the limits, knock off the mid-range confusion. If it starts dragging and lagging after a few months use, the "casual users" that bought one will never buy a Moto again. Not sure on the strategy here.

I don't see why they would release amphora with those specs... With all the hype saying that this is supposed to be the phone of 2013 it sure seems like a 2012 phone... They really need to bump up the specs... Also I hope it runs as smoothly as an iPhone... That's the only way they are going to be able to compete...

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I'm not one to praise specs for the sake of specs, but the one thing that worries me about buying a phone that's not "top-of-the-line" hardware wise is how well it's going to perform down the road.

I still believe phones should be able to manage 2 years without being entirely obsolete. The S4, spec-wise, will still be a powerful phone 2 years from now. Moto X with that hardware? Maybe not...

That being said, I'm a verizon customer that is basically 95% sold on the Moto X. The 5% that worries me is the year 2015

And in the year 2015 I get you'll still see the iPhone 5 around with inferior specs compared to the X

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The other issue is cost - when you can pick up a One or S4, both with superior specs, for $99 on contract - why would you choose this? Only if it's free.

I'm so ready for a good Motorola phone to show up. I'm pretty much done with the Note 2 just due to its size alone. I miss the days of the 4.3 and 4.5 inch phones....

Never experienced a large phone screen. I think this phone sits around 4.5 inches. It looks bigger than the Razr M which is my only decent logic as to why.

I'm in the not caring boat. I am VERY interested in this phone, but if I had followed the rumor mill, I'd end up going crazy. Btw, the most important spec is missing... THE BATTERY. Gimme a razr maxx battery with what you mentioned, Jerry, and im picking this phone up as soon as it drops.

I've got to say that for a new device thats is about to launch the specs arent the best mainly the cpu being old by now and some will argue the 720p screen is also a downfall.The lower screen res might help battery,also the fact that the cpu isnt brand new doesnt mean it will run bad being its almost stock android.Also if the price is right this will attract many who cant afford a top of the line device or want something a bit above stock but not heavily themed and it give users more choice i think it will be a very good thing when it comes out.Hopefully its marketed well though.

Motorola releasing this feels like a good way to begin to separate themselves from the Motorola of old. Google-owned Motorola is just getting started and they're already making a name for themselves with a handset that you can customize in unbelievable ways. Google wants a phone that many people can afford unlocked, you're not going to get a hardcore flagship build for a price that most people can pay, see the HTC One GE and Galaxy S4 GE.

I reiterate though, this is just them getting into the water. There's not many people trying to see beyond the X-Phone because of the hype, but there's nothing saying a more expensive flagship-type device isn't coming later. Despite all the speculation, it feels like a good move to get the new Motorola into as many hands as possible as inexpensively as you can afford to so as to build a new name and reputation. Then, after you have begun to show people that it's a new company, start diversifying and hitting your different target audiences. But that's just my .02 cents.

This would make a great secondary phone for those who actually need/want one. But if it's the price that will attract customers, people usually go for the cheaper price. That will probably be the subsidized phones.

IMO. I don't think people mind the specs but hope this phone is a true changer. Meaning something has to stand out. Those specs are passable but how about the camera ? Can it compete with the iPhone camera ? The screen ... Can it labeled as one of the best seen ? Maybe not. But if there isn't something outstanding uncommon about the phone it won't do as well as they probably want it too .

How many android reviews does it take to get to the center of a ....wait I mean to kill the spirits and genuine enthusiasm of an android central editor? The world, may never know.

If Google and Motorola optimize the software specifically the drivers it will be more than capable, though browsing through my widget selector on the Nexus 4 does studder pretty bad, but that's the only time I have noticed drops in fps, websites browse like a dream. The display is crisp and even next to the S4 still looks very good (I barely notice the difference because I don't hold my phone 1/4 of an inch from my eyes). If Google matches the drivers in performance to what Apple did with the iPhone then the phone will make for a great experience, even an iPhone 4s still runs smooth.

The only concern I have is that the phone is always listening, who else is listening Google? This feature is also not the most secure one since it bypasses the lock screen, if it requires to enter the pin before it defeats the purpose, but if it allows one to access Google Now on a locked phone it might compromise security.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sure you could disable it, being an android phone or even turn data off. But its listening for your COMMANDS not recording you. I don't see a reason to put the tin foil on just yet.

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I'm sure as their first phone release Googarola is going to want to appeal to the masses and not go off the wall crazy with the newest specs. Reliability and Price are going to be their main concerns.

These are being assembled in the USA. I wonder of the processor and screen specs are "lower"/"older" to make up for an extra cost of US assembly.

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That said - there is no official price yet. :)

Posted via Android Central App

It's the price, stupid!

Google is trying to build the every-phone and I think this is a good attempt at that. The Nexus line is the showcase line. I'd be disappointed if it didn't come out with the relatively latest and greatest. But this phone would likely be a good choice for the majority of people. I wouldn't be side/downgrading my N4 to this, but if the price is right, I can see myself buying one for my mom and other family members.

So, it's about the price. The Nexus 4 has better specs in general. All it lacks is LTE. At 16GB (a minimum I think google realized was a minimum with the N4), the phone would have to be cheaper than the Nexus 4 off contract. I am hoping for $250, but would settle for $300. Anything else and it's a Nexus 4 which, lets be honest, is a known commodity.

If google wants their services in everyone's pocket, they'll make it an attractive price. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a push to make this phone the king of the pre-paid services. The N4 was a great option for those looking at GSM based pre-paid carriers, but there was no option for the CDMA carriers like Boost or Cricket.

Here's to a good midrange phone for my mom :-)

Well it has been benchmarked to perform as good as the s600 and has the same GPU and ram, plus LTE, a 10 mp camera, extra sensors, and a non-glass back.(okay, maybe that last ones for me :-) but I don't see this as a downgrade.

Posted via Android Central App

The Nexus 10 also had dual core rather than quad core pushing way more pixels and it is by no means a slouch. I don't think this will really NEED a quad core. The 2GB RAM and the GPU along with the chip its running should produce a pretty snappy device.

I agree with everyone talking about the no need for quad core if the software is right for the phone. I have a dual core Razr HD and it runs better thatn my quad core Asus transformer infinity.

The battery life is a big big must. I want a phone to last a minimum of 24 hours with really heavy use and a couple of days with medium use. This what worries me so far with the rumours about the Moto X, we haven't heard anything about battery specs.

As regards to the other specs, I'm really happy with a 720p 4.7inch screen and I have no need for 1080p on a phone. Some people my disagree and want 1080p but those people can just go buy a HTC one of GS4. Happy to see a really compact body on the leaked vids and pics though. No wasted space for carriers to brand the front of the phone. Really looking forward to the release. Hopefully the price will be around Nexus 4 territory so I can buy it outright and not get it on contract.

Here's waiting and hoping

If they sell this phone for around $300-350 or so and it has decent screen and camera quality plus it runs smoothly with a battery that gets me through the day (and maybe even timely updates!) I would definitely pick one up. I got my wife the Razr I and with a 2000Mah battery and she gets over 4 hours screen time and a couple of hours talk and some streaming music on top of all that.

I am just hoping that this isn't another S4. Samsung releases a hot phone, only to have it perform like it's two years older. The new update fixed that but...

Anyway, Motorola has in some ways stepped into BBs shoes. They seem to be releasing phones that are all business - rock solid, not flashy, but very high quality (and look it - look at the Razrs). Exactly what someone who depends on their phone needs. We are getting to the point of adding processor speed for the sake of, ummm, processor speed. More a marketing thing than actual utility. That said, since I am an unabashed Moto fan, I can't wait to see this phone.

The Snapdragon S4 Pro is very capable! I mean look at the Nexus 4, the OS is smoother than Sense and TouchWiz. Maybe it does not get higher on the benchmarks but it is smooth.

Posted from Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Mic always on - Not for me. Enables both malware and Google too much latitude to spy on my private life.

No SD card. I was a big Motorola fan. I guess I won't ever purchase a Motorola product anymore. Nexus philosophy is bull. The reality is that it is a slow and steady push toward forced online storage. Soon enough they will make the OS incapable of local storage. Mark my words, it is comming.

Lousy screen specs. Great for average user, but after two years without a bloody device, Motorola should have had a "killer device".

- Now I know that If I do change my phone for another one, it is more likely to be a Sony Honami than a Motorola.

R.I.P. Motorola, it was good while you lived free, you will be missed.

The point many are making about the processor specs not being the only thing that matter in terms of speed and smoothness are well taken. However, aren't we overlooking the apps side? Sure, google and moto can optimize the OS-hardward integration to provide a smooth UI experience, but who's to say app-makers will do the same? Current evidence says they don't.

Still only 16GB of internal storage? Let me guess. No SD Card and a continued reliance on Cloud Storage. Ugh!

The specs are fine, if they sell it for $300-350 unsubsidized. Maybe $100 for carriers.
But if its only 16GB and no SD card, then its a no go.

I like the technical details I'm hearing so far. But what is Motorola going to do about its reputation? As one of those customers that is still stuck under a contract with a Gingerbread phone that will never receive any upgrades, I find it difficult to believe in the company. No matter what the specs are on final release, it will still have the big "M" on it's faceplate and that's a dealbreaker for me.

High end phones are a niche market. You don't really make a profit off of them. Mid range phones provide more revenue do to their lower manufacturing costs.

As great as it would be to cram the newest of everything into the Moto X, from a business stand point it is a huge risk. Making a quality product, that people will buy is all they need to do.

If you don't like the specs, buy a phone that suits you. To suggest that Google is slacking because they did not meet your standards is ridiculous. Too many people on AC forget that they are not the average user or consumer. Most people do not swap phones every year, or root their phones.

If you want to build a successful product you aim for the average consumer. You aim for number of units sold. Apple has shown that you can make billions without having what your niche consumers crave.

They will release other phones, some will be high end, but not this phone. Money in the bank first, then you can pursue pleasing your niche consumers.

How many civics does Honda sell compared to the S2000. How many Altima and Maxima does Nissan sell compared to the GTR.

The current specs are enough to please your average, non programmer, non rooter, non android central/ droid life user. People who don't identify quality by chipsets.

We are not the norm. Buy it if you want, don't if you don't. But bashing it because you don't like it is childish and self absorbed. Google has a business to run, they want it to last, this phone is how you do that.

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I wouldn't be so sure about the Qualcomm S4 chipset. As far as I can tell the Snapdragon 800 is the only Qualcomm chipset with voice activation. Anyone see anything to indicate voice activation is on any other Qualcomm chipsets?

For people like me this is the closest thing to a new nexus that we will see on Verizon. But I'm worried off contract this phone will cost $599, and for us that are still trying to hold on to are unlimited data $350 is more of my price point.

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I hate AMOLED. Deteriorates so badly and I have to worry about burn ins all the time.

Posted via Android Central App

As for the specs, nothing I seriously care about has jumped out yet. Things i need:

microSD support
removable battery

Once I see confirmation either way, then I can start to care. As for the screen, 720 vs. 1080p doesn't matter on a phone. And who cares about the processor if everything runs smooth, which we don't know yet. And to be honest, if the answer to the two features above are "No", I really wouldn't care if the phone ran on unicorn blood, pixie dust or the magical grain Santa Claus feeds his reindeer.

I agree with the specs being not as good compared to phones that are currently out or coming out but this may not be the final specs. If they are I think the phone itself due to all the tweaks and it being from Google will still run smooth. Maybe their keeping specs like that because they are going to price it around the nexus 4 pricing without contract. This will guarantee more people with it. Especially with tmobile gaining track. I myself am getting a $30 prepaid tmobile plan to test it out. If it works I will stick to tmobile and maybe if cheap enough I will get the moto x. I still think this phone will sell like crazy with these specs.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

The one spec that worries me is the 4.3 inch display. I couldn't live with anything smaller than my S3 now.

Posted via Android Central App

Worry not, it's larger than 4.3". Screen looks a bit bigger than the RAZR M. I'm guessing it will be a 4.5" phone.

I'm pretty sure this will be the small powerhouse Android needs to cover the market left behind by all other OEMs and their 5" flagships and over-sized phones.

When will we learn that SPECS DONT EFFING MATTER. The user experience does and Apple has proved that. People don't complain about lag on iPhone but have complained about S4 having stutter and lag despite having a octo core processor. If you can optimise the phone to run as smooth as butter the SPECS DONT EFFING MATTER.

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Just because a phone has 8 cores and 8 GB of Ram doesn't mean it's going to perform better if the software isn't optimized. That being said,I am all for the bleeding edge and can never get enough of top end high tech hardware that will last at least 2 years, but what good is it if it's not receiving updates and is abandoned within a year because all resources are being poured into newer model phones. Unless it's a nexus and unless you root you're pretty much stuck with the Android that comes with your phone. Hopefully Motorola will help fix this and layer unique features people will want and use while providing a pure android feel. For me I would need a real compelling reason to buy a moto x as I'm happy with the nexus 4

I've got no problem with the specs here, especially if it means Motoroogle can sell it at a competitive off-contract price.

But if they're foolish enough to ship this thing in a state where you have to say the words "OK Moto Magic" out loud in public to use the phone's killer feature, it will prove Google's acquisition of Motorola has been an utter failure.