When we heard that U.S. Cellular would exclusively carry the Samsung Acclaim, we wondered like you guys, what's a Samsung Acclaim? Luckily, it looks like the Acclaim has been outed and it looks like a solid effort for the small regional carrier. The Acclaim packs a 3.2-inch HVGA screen with a physical QWERTY keyboard and some confusing but slick looking hardware buttons. Even better than the hardware is that when the Acclaim launches in July it'll be rocking Android 2.1. The Acclaim is certainly shaping up to be a great device to add to U.S. Cellular's burgeoning Android lineup. Score one for the little guy. [via Engadget Mobile]


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Is this U.S. Cellular's Samsung Acclaim?


Ok, I gotta call out on this. Don't know them outside of renaming Cominsky? A small regional? I don't personally have USCC, but they are the second largest regional in the US after MetroPCS, with 6.5 million customers. In many areas they operate as the number one service provider. Not to rant, especially since they were slow on the Android uptake, just sayin...