Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

U.S. Cellular has announced it has begun sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 tablet in its retail stores, in both black and white versions, and qualified customers can add it to their Shared Connect plan for no money down and just $10 a month for 24 months.

Joe Settimi, vice president of products, pricing and innovation for U.S. Cellular, stated:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is perfect for anyone looking to have a device that easily goes from strong multi-tasking business performance to the center of family fun ... We are focused on providing our customers the latest devices and a best-in-class network that gives them access to experiences that simplify and enhance their lives.

Just a reminder: the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 has a 1280x800 WXGA display, a 1.2Ghz quad core processor, 16GB of storage and a 6,800 mAh battery that is supposed to last up to nine hours. Are you planning to get this tablet from U.S. Cellular with its cheap monthly payment plan?


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US Cellular stores start selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1


Is there an additional connection charge... Might be time to replace my wife's tab 2?

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I wouldn't get anything from us cellular. The service might be good but they're reps have no clue when it comes down answering questions about they're plans etc...

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Worst tablet I ever owned. Getting Surface again.

Tab has no kickstand or USB port as well as no flash in browser. Surface has that. And it's cheap, too. Plus, the Tab is too similar to Gs4 or 5.

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