U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3

If you're a U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S3 owner, you've no doubt been wondering when Jelly Bean will arrive for your device. Wonder no more. U.S. Cellular has now announced the update will indeed start rolling out as of Friday, December 21. As highlighted on the information page, the update will arrive OTA in addition to being available via Kies and bring along with it many improvements to the camera, browser, user interface, notifications, calendar and widgets and more.

Source: U.S. Cellular

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gorgalis says:

Will Verizon EVER release JB for my GS3?

Oops, sorry. It's like a reflex or something.

btswein says:

Uh, it's out.

mamaof3boys says:

I got my phone yesterday and I don't have it.

Defiant311 says:

btswein is right the Verizon Jelly Bean update has been available since December 14.

ludesleep says:

YES!! I'm gonna be able to experience JellyBean as the world comes to an end.