A quick heads up for those of you — and that's basically everyone, right? — who's chomping at the bit, waiting to get your hands on the new LG G3. We've updated our official LG G3 review with a few more impressions after using more finalized software, as well as European-specific device.

Specifically, you'll want to take note of the updates in the performance and battery life sections, as well as the bottom line. You can read the review here.

The tl;dr? A great phone is getting even better. Now all we need is to be able to buy it.

And if you're just wondering what's new in the finalized, European G3, be sure to check out our hands-on feature.


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An update to our LG G3 review


"It's also worth noting that the European G3, which is fully optimized for the British LTE networks we we've been using, stood up to heavy 4G data usage much better than the Korean version of the phone, which wasn't tuned for European LTE networks."

Doesn't look updated... I don't see any extra section for updates, and the relevant sections still say that your findings are based on the pre-production Korean G3, and the the production European version should do better.

Not really seeing any changes...looks like it is still quoting the same battery life findings as before.

Guys, there is no update made to your original review with the korean imported handset with the pre-production software. All the same still? Tech Snag????

This section is now added under Battery life:
"It's also worth noting that the European G3, which is fully optimized for the British LTE networks we we've been using, stood up to heavy 4G data usage much better than the Korean version of the phone, which wasn't tuned for European LTE networks."

Ah, never paid attention to that, but this section is new:
"This review was first published on June 5 based on a week with a Korean LG G3 (LG-F400K) running pre-production software. It was updated on June 19 based on our experiences with updated firmware on the Korean model, as well as a final European version of the phone (LG-D855). Our Korean G3 had 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, while the European model had 2GB and 16GB. The Korean model featured some Korea-only features like a built-in DMB TV antenna; the European G3 shipped with built-in wireless charging capabilities.

We've been using both G3 models on the EE network in the UK, in areas with solid 4G (LTE) and 3G (HSPA) coverage."

It was never explained how the euro version was better optimized for LTE resulting to longer battery life. Was it because of band support or something else?

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yeah it is more than likely that the different technologies in the different regions caused the Korean version in the UK to scan more thus killing battery

But rather than you guys taking the painful route of updating the original review with European version's performance, you could have come up with a seperate write-up..It would have been great. Appreciate this work though...

Sad to see that in the updated review that it couldn't hold water when running games and barely held its ground in the day to day. I get my test unit in a few weeks but I think that LG dropped the ball just a bit this time around. They should not have rushed to get that screen resolution out without having the processor to do it...

True. Seems like the screen on time is significantly lower compared to G2 (from other reviews).
Some overkill with saturation too. Brightness drop while "overheated" etc.
VZW Moto X

You know I've been saying that from day 1...
I think I'm going to go camping with you Nex.. even though this was not really on my list due to the chipset used, The more I think about it.. The Note 4 is really going to have it all.. 805, QHD, 1st to get updates, maybe even 4 gigs of Ram, Removable battery, SD etc.. my figuring over the course of the next year after it's release it will cost me about $6.00 bucks a week over a $500.00 phone (G2,Find 7A, 64 Gb 1+, G-Flex, HTC E8 ) I think the Note 4 may just pack it all in one package for the job and for play.. so make room.. I joining you in Samsung's camp come the 1st week of October give or take.. :-)

I know you have been saying that exact thing but I was still hoping (like others) that they would have found a way to optimize it a bit better.

As far as camping goes, if it comes with a YOUM display, I will bring the s'mores

LG came "That Close" to building the perfect phone... the updated SoC should make it so later this year.
Oh.. The YOUM.. The YOUM.. since the Note 4 is going to be the flagship.. It will be the first Samsung device to have the YOUM technology.. I have no idea what they are waiting for.. ( Unless like the G-Flex they can't get 1080 / 1440P out of it ) but that would be the icing on the cake.. The Note 4 will still bring it hard even without it.

"Now all we need to do is be able to buy it."

Yeah no sh*t. Stupid decision by LG. Announcing a phone and then releasing it 2 months later is old school. I've forgotten about this phone and am waiting for the next at this point.

Yep and as beautiful as it is, i'm starting to thing if i'm going to get a big phone, I may wait to see what the Note 4 offers. It should be a beast.

Exactly what I'm waiting for. Either the Note 4 or the G Flex 2 (so LG may end up with my money after all).

Not to be a primadonna, but you guys Update articles plenty often. And if the new/changed info happened to be highlighted, it would be AWESOME! for the shorter articles where something is added at the very end, that's NBD... but for a lengthy article such as this, doing something to make it stand out would be ideal for lazy people like me who dont want to re-read an article...

just a thought :)

I agree. Seems like AC made this difficult on purpose. I don't think they did but it just seems that way.

What's up with the AC app? Can't even open the review without it FC'ing :(

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So none of the versions out there like the Korean or euro would work with LTE here in the states? .