Waze contest standings

We are entering the final stretch now of our Waze contest as the final count will be taken and the contest will end come the end of tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 10. As you can see, we are narrowly trail our friends over at TiPB, which is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Check out the rules here, and remember, a user from the winning blog gets their choice of either an iPad or Galaxy Tab, so get to the road! [Waze]


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Update: Android Central and TiPB neck-and-neck in Waze contest


Maybe this is one of those things we should just let the iPhone guys win.

I had waze on my Android for about a day and it was slow, annoying and gave terrible directions compared to Google Nav. Google Navigator is great. It just works, is free, and integrates with everything else on the phone.

waze is a wazte of precious memory space on my phone, imo.

i agree with that guy^^

EFF those guys and their lame A$$ publicity stunt. This app is f***ing garbage in every single aspect. I racked up about 1000 points and then couldnt stand the stupid thing any longer so i deleted it. I hope they go away and you guys stop posting about them. kthanx

Wish they would dump more waze treats. After a couple days of release they disappear from mane hwy

Crackberry is so far behind because the app won't even work on a lot of the devices out there. Another of a very long lis of reasons that my storm2 is my last blackberry for the foreseeable future. Only 8 1/2 months til android happiness begins. :/

I just installed this last weekend, but my office is over 65 Miles 1 way, So I think I'm making pretty good ground :).

I have to say I'm disappointed with Waze it is slow to update and I can't tell how many point I have as it says I've only driven .75KM when I drive over 20 miles a day.

I'll be uninstalling it tomorrow after I do my drive in case I'm getting any points for the android central site but Waze should have prepared for the new people who would join with the promotion.

The android markers disappear and reappear at will. Was going to try to rack up all the mobile al points but I can't make um reappear. I did find it funny that tipb had one in the middle of the mobile regional airport. Lol.

no wonder we are losing. I have 2 cb and 1 tipb treats no ac treats in my small town. app stinks btw google nav ftw

Notice far more CB and tipb treats here as well, and I also noticed you get credit for them no matter which one you run over. Oh well.

I'm sorry this app is slow and dangerous. Road munching is freakin gonna cause an accident on top of looking for a big piece of candy in the road WTF!! MAYBE if it worked with google maybe it would work better. But for now i will not drive down roads aimlessly to road munch!!!

I'm sorry but this game cheats I passed over 2 Androids yesterday that would not register at all and I had to go out of my way to get to them (pissed me off) plus there seems to be a tun more iphone and crack berry icons, a lot fewer Androids its not fare.

We'd probably be winning if the app worked better. I drive at least 20 miles a day and yet it took five extra days to register my first 100 miles.

Here's a dumb question. How do they determine who is a legit 'blog' user, and who isn't? There's no way of tying your AC account to Waze.

I also agree with the other users about the lack of Android symbols.. there's not many around here.. OH.. but there's 3-4 in the middle of local RIVERS that don't have bridges. Before anyone says they're obviously all being 'eaten'.. this area is showing to have an extremely small user base.

Also wish they'd stretch this to another weekend... this weekend is a photography weekend, so I'll be putting 2-3k miles on my car... ah well.