Update: Carphone Warehouse has also started selling the LG G3 online, with all three color variations available for purchase with next-day delivery. Original story follows.

Can't wait till next Tuesday to buy the LG G3? You're in luck, as UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles has started selling the device ahead of other outlets like Amazon. The retailer's website lists the G3 as being in stock and eligible for next-day delivery.

The website only has the black color variant in stock, with the gold version available for pre-order and an eventual launch on July 1. The white variant of the G3, which was originally thought to be exclusive to Carphone Warehouse in the UK, is also available for pre-order from Unlocked Mobiles, with an expected launch date slated for July 7.

All three color variants of the G3 are listed for £489 on Unlocked Mobiles, which is a smidgen over the £479 Amazon UK is asking for the device.

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Black LG G3 on Unlocked Mobiles (£489)

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AndroidUK says:

Just a shame that LG has decided that the 3GB/32GB models will not be available in the UK. Why do the Germans and Dutch have the choice and UK buyers don't?

stevedo says:

This, this, this!

Via a cool AC App on a great Nexus 4

eyesparky says:

You could get it from Amazon.de. I have bought things from them before without issue. Last time I did, there was a 1% VAT difference to add on, all handled by Amazon. They are often cheaper by quite a bit too.

You actually can't. Tried that but they wont ship to the uK

Theodroid says:

Ah yes, but they will ship the preorders that were made before they disable sale from the UK. I pre-ordered mine on 4th June, and got confirmation by email that it's gonna go through. No availability date yet, though :(

Theodroid says:

UK buyers do have the choice. They can order it unlocked from any German or Dutch shop (That's what I did).
I'm with you on that though. I'd like to see the reasons behind that weird choice.

Duncan1982 says:

I Honestly can't see a valid reason as to why the 3gb/32gb won't be available in the UK?

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gravage says:

Yet, the UK model gets wireless charging out of the box. It will be interesting to see what they do to screw up the release in the United States.

Dizfunctions says:

We'll probably get the 3/32 version but won't have wireless charging so that the carriers can sell wireless charging cases separately...

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gravage says:

For AT&T, yes. They don't support Qi charging. But Verizon includes it in most of their phones, so the Verizon model will probably have it. Verizon also messed with the buttons on the G2 last year for no reason, so hopefully they don't do that again this year. I could just see one or both of the carriers deciding to offer the gimped version of the phone which, while it will still perform well, would still be a shame. 16GB internal storage isn't really enough for a modern smartphone anymore, especially with the new Kitkat SD card restrictions.

SyncSolo says:

No way would I pay that, especially for the 2gb ram model.

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It probably won't matter to most people but LG are cutting their nose off to spite their face with the Android faithful here in the UK..

smileycon says:

I found LG G3 LG-F400 Quad HD IPS 32GB Metallic Black Factory Unlocked on amazon for $727.07, can I get a better deal somewhere else? http://goo.gl/P3ZjrU