Twitter update

Inline previews and new, easier ways to reply, retweet and favorite

The official Twitter app for Android has been updated with a feature that's long been popular in third-party clients, inline previews for photos and videos. The feature, enabled by default but toggleable in the settings menu, shows an expanded preview of photos and Vines (but not YouTube videos) directly in your feed. You can then tap the inline image to show a larger version.

In addition, todays update brings reply, retweet and favorite buttons directly underneath each tweet, meaning you no longer have to long press to access these. (You'll still need to long press to share individual tweets to other apps, however.)

The new version of Twitter for Android (ver. 4.1.9) is rolling out now on Google Play, so check the Play Store app to grab the update.

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mindflux says:

Is the offical twitter app worth switching to from falcon pro?

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seanlongoria says:

Falcon Pro still has a built-in browser. Twitter has previews for select content, but you can't load a page within the app.

lfeuln says:

The big issues for me would be 1) no TweetMarker 2) no inline Instagram pics and 3) no built-in browser (iOS official Twitter app has this, why hasn't it been done for Android yet???)

It's getting better but those are still dealbreakers as long as Falcon keeps running decently...fingers crossed TweetMarker gets added to Carbon eventually.

RustyU says:

Still not v5 ffs

KwietStorm says:

Oh hey Twitter, meet Plume.

olues says:

Twicca's still the way to go.

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AbuYazeedUK says:

UberSocial for me still.

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etnpnys says:


Seriously if this is stable, I'll be uninstalling all other Twitter apps.

I gotta admit, this app has gotten tremendously better over the last year. I thought they were gonna shut off 3rd party apps while sitting firmly on their asses, but the updates have been significant and useful.

I'm still using Falcon, but now at least I know the 1st party app is decent enough.

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There has been a lot of frequent updates over on the beta channel for this, and I am sure gearing up for their upcoming public IPO has had something to do with the fire lit under their behinds.

NoNexus says:

No that I believe. Once that is done all bets are off.

I thought you had to go dark though before an IPO

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claudiobrito says:

Falcon Pro

Eddster says:

I cannot believe there's still no TweetMarker. I'll continue using Tweetings.

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CellGuy says:

Ive been waiting for inline pics and its finally here. Problem is the app is still jerky compared to Falcon. Had to uninstall until they fix the overall smoothness.

ajpri says:

Great to see a beta channel feature go to the main channel! Maybe that would have my friends, who are teenagers just like me, NOT retweet pictures that gross people out.

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scaots says:

The options under each post make it way too busy (and easy to accidently hit those). I might have to revert to last version. At least it looks like there is an option to turn off photo preview, but I'm probably ok with that.

ratatattata says:

Relatively unrelated, but still Twitter: the newest Twitter beta, 5.0.0-beta.32, crashes on launch on my HTC One. Really annoying :(