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The official Twitter app for Android has today received another update, bringing it up to version 3.1.1. The latest iteration includes the usual security enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements, particularly for Android 4.0 users. One particularly welcome change will be the increase in scrolling performance, an area in which the official app has traditionally lagged behind other Twitter clients.

Also new in version 3.1.1 are swipe shortcuts for individual tweets -- swipe left or right to show a menu for retweets or replies -- as well as support for Filipino and Simplified Chinese languages. We've got the full changelog after the break, along with the QR code and Android Market linkage.

  • Swipe shortcut
  • Improved scrolling and network performance
  • Improved support for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Confirmation dialog for Find Friends
  • Security improvements
  • New languages: Filipino, Simplified Chinese
  • Many other bug fixes, improvements, and polish
There are 16 comments

radgatt says:

Got this update last night. I think im seeing a slight improvement but only time will tell

tommydaniel says:

Scrolling seems pretty good, no stuttering for me.

ediddy406 says:

Contact sync is STILL borked.... this is 3 updates now where the issue hasnt been resolved...

coryteague says:

the official twitter app and site is now sending "suggested" tweets to your official twitter feed now so Im not sure if I will go back to the official app..

clockvstrain says:

all of the features listed here were part of the last update. all this update does is insert ads into your timeline

DrewCPU says:

Every time I see posts about Twitter being updated with ICS or tablet optimizations, I dream or resizeable/scrollable widgets, and I am so often dissappointed.

Also, they should be ashamed of their tablet layout.

edhe says:

Doesn't seem to hold it's last read position nor have it's contact sync fixed.

Why bother?

cinnabubbles says:

Anyone know if it fixes the push notification issue? I'm on a CM 6.1 Droid INC. They worked for a while, and suddenly stopped, I've had to rely on my iPod for notifications when I'm away from my computer that has Janetter. Thanks.

wojtas25 says:

Twicca rulz all the time!

Saneless says:

Agreed. Used Plume for a while, but moved on to Twicca, which is the best client I've used yet.

scaots says:

Does this one insert ads? Thanks, but no thanks.

icebike says:

Haven't seen any yet.

Guticb says:

Still can't sync contacts, and still doesn't have copy and paste.


ironmarc22 says:

Push Notifications are still broken, if u try to enable notifications from anyone, followers or not, it reverts back to off. I dont think anything has been fixed.

Yes, I've been having the same issues for some time now. Wish they would fix the push notifications so I could use this app again. Should also update to flash the Gnex's LED light the color blue.

gravage says:

If this adds ads, I will not be updating...ever.