Slight UI revamp to for the stable release

Twitter has updated their mobile app this afternoon, and updaters will find two sizeable changes. The first is a shot at other messaging services — photos in direct messages. Twitter has long been a popular social network, but their direct messaging options are sparse compared to alternatives. The inclusion of photos will help here, and may lure more people to use Twitter for messaging that other services.

The second change is the timeline navigation and alerts. Swiping to the left or right will move you between your stream, the Discovery section where you'll find trends and tailored content, and the Activity timeline to see what your friends are doing and who they are doing it with. The badges at the top have been changed, making unread tweets and messages more prominent, with an ability to turn on notifications for a single user by starring their profile. 

The new version is in Google Play now, waiting for you to go update. 

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Steve Box says:

Yet the app still shows old profile images....this has long been an issue & needs fixing! Not sure I like the new interface, the first beta was much better

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radgatt says:

Yeah they really need to fix the issue regarding the old profile images. Way past time for that needing to be adjusted.

XavierMatt says:

I just don't understand. Who do they need to fire to get backgrounds and profile images correct. This has been a problem since the site first opened.

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MetalMike901 says:

I'm sure I'll get used to it but the new UI is initially confusing. The main user page is now buried in the menu, and the activity and trending are convoluted. On top of all this my N4 just stopped getting any twitter notifications all together, but works OK on the N7.

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jnrtwum says:

Done updating... I really do wish they'll include theme options in twitter. A black / dark instead of the blue covers would be nice.

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agreed. a dark theme would be nice :)

IamMoyMoy says:

Definitely need some variety in the color scheme... Tired of the boring blue sky.

XavierMatt says:

Everything is going light. It's more inviting.

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KarenCVT says:

The layout seems to get more confusing with every update. I appreciate the new features, but I liked the simpler form better.

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BB_Bmore says:


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gotzaDroid says:

When I woke up this morning I was thinking to myself, "gee... How can I get more iOS7 on my Android device?" And then here comes twitter to the rescue.


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sladyrko says:

What's bad with iOS style? I love it. iOS apps look 1000 times better than 99% in Google play store. Wish all devs to follow it! I can't understand how people prefer ugly things only to be different from Apple. . :-)

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Jamaar White says:

Because the android guidelines are the cards interface, but iOS 7 looks kinda close to holo.

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sladyrko says:

I prefer iOS7 style than Cards in android.. This is pretty much the only reason I miss my iPhone.. Apps were so beautiful, and when I switched to Android last year I hated it so much.. Now devs really make them better.. Facebook, Facebook messenger, Twitter and some other apps are very close to iOS... So now I love it (kinda) :-)))

sladyrko says:

Love the new style... My only complaining is still you can't open directly from Twitter app to open Instagram photos or YouTube videos. . You need to go to browser and then to choose the Instagram or YouTube app.. So annoying :-)

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Jamaar White says:

That's YouTube and Instagrams fault I think.

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sladyrko says:

Maybe.. But hope they will fix it soon.. :-)

richardfoc says:

FalconPro allows this so I'd say it's the fault of Twitter. Bottom line is that the Twitter app sucks in comparison to what else is out there.

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Best update so far which brings a refreshed UI which is more functional. You can also receive toast notifications of new tweets from specific people you follow. Ah and the photo in dm function.

Wish they added a dark theme which doesn't burn into the eyes like wp7 did back then.

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I dont know why Twitter for Android doesnt have a Dark Theme, Twitter for Windows Phone already have a dark theme...

getaceres says:

Because even Google is ditching the dark Holo theme in favor of the brighter cards interface.

verpeiler089 says:

But this app isn't following the guidelines...

XavierMatt says:

It kinda is.... Kinda.

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mathiasjk says:

Strange, I got the update but the UI is the same.

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K White1 says:

Not a fan of this UI, but I'll get used to it. Then, Twitter will make more changes. This app is frequently updated, and I can't say it has improved much.

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