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Twitter for Android has a small update in the Google Play store this evening, bringing it to version 3.2.1. The change log is short -- crashes for users that use the app in Dutch, Finnish, and Hungarian have been fixed, and the Indonesian language has been added. Grab the update from the Google Play store or hit the link after the break.

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Twitter for Android gets another minor update



Please help me out. I'm thinking about getting the Nexus on Monday, but I've read nothing but bad things about the Samsung's radio in there.

Looking at the picture you have of your what I'm assuming is a nexus this confirms the reviews!? Am I right?

Just looking at the cell signal. I mean am I wrong, looking for any sort of input. I've had the DX from day one and don't want to make the wrong move.

I've had my gnex since early January. Wouldnt trade it for any other phone. Never have any reception problems. From what I've read. You either love it or hate it. I'm sure there are lemons out there. I do suggest if you get one that you unlock it and try some custom roms. They do make the phone so much more than it is out of box. Night and day if you ask me. Wife has the razr maxx. Great phone. I've played with it and still wouldn't want to do a trade in. Gnex has my vote.

I had the galaxy nexus on Verizon. Awesome phone, the signal sucked though. I never tried any custom roms or radios though. But you have a 14 day refund window so no harm in trying as others have better luck.

I passed on the VZ Gnex for the sole reason that it's not capable of making quality voice calls in low signal strength areas. I confirmed the online reports by visiting a VZ store in a low signal strength area that I visit regularly and testing a Gnex that belonged to one of the employees. It would not consistently make a call when my D2 would every time. When I questioned the employee about it his response was "Dood, who makes voice calls anymore?".