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The official Android Twitter client today got an update that offers a few new features, bringing it even more in line with some of the better third-party apps out there.

On the composition side, you'll now see your avatar and Twitter handle, which gives you a better idea how your tweet will look to everyone else. If you've got more than one account set up, you can tap your avatar to switch which account you're sending from. (That's a feature I've required forever.) You'll now also see a large preview of any attached pictures, and that attachment mechanism has been revamped, too. Good stuff all around

Also, you can now remove your location from individual tweets, you can expand notifications to see more than one interaction, and there have been a few other visual tweaks as well.

All in all, a good update. Now how about a dark theme, Twitter?

Source: Twitter blog


Reader comments

Twitter for Android adds expandable notifications, picture attachment previews


Agreed; dark themes work better imo and seem to save on battery life. I have no proof of that last part though...

As for tapping the avatar to change accounts, I suppose that would come in handy if I had 2 or more accounts. Just make sure you tweet from the right account Phil :)

Is there anything special to do to see the person's avatar who mentioned you? I got a mention and the notification just showed an @ instead of their picture.

I'd like to change the font as well as the theme, I don't like the size or style they've gone too since a few updates ago.

the expandable notifications were always my big dealbreaker. I'm going to give this a real fair shake and use it exclusively while i'm at TechEd next week.

It still isn't perfect, but the official app has come a long way. I've found the font *much* more readable and manageable by increasing the font size by one. Makes the text a lot thicker and easier to read.

And this is really just my opinion, but I have always hated the inline image previews. I like the fact that I have to tap on the message to get to the picture. I really do not need to see an inline preview of every single picture on twitter, especially on my phone.

I'm glad they updated the compose window to stretch the entire width of the screen. The narrow window on widescreen devices was rather annoying. BTW, You've always been able to switch accounts by tapping the white space next to your avatar/name.

Maybe they should think about adding an in-app browser! they always have new features/updates but never one for an in-app browser.