Tweetdeck has become rather popular in the Android world since it began its beta a few months back. And the developers are giving us a peek at who's using what device and which version of Android -- including custom mods. They have had nearly 40,000 beta testers to date, which have tweeted from almost every Android device in existence.

Top device? Let's just say it's not a U.S. version (and there are obvious geographical influences at work). And top OS is -- thankfully -- Froyo. Full breakdown at the source link, folks. [via Tweetdeck]



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Tweetdeck beta shows interesting stats on devices, OS version


They have the ADR6300 and Droid Incredible as 2 seperate seperate devices. They are the same device. ADR6300 is in the top 10 devices and Droid Incredible only has 5 users.

AOSP builds (CyanogenMod) will call the Dinc ADR6300, based on it's hardware designation instead of using Verizon's name for it. Same goes for Evo and PC36100.

Makes it even more interesting, that custom ROM's outnumber stock :)

Well I have a rooted HTC Incredible and when I first got the phone it's name was ADR6300. When the leaked RUU came out and I installed it on my phone it renamed it to HTC Droid Incredible. I'm running the stock ROM, just rooted. The only way I noticed the difference was that I now have to lists in my AppBrain account. One for ADR6300 and one for HTC Droid Incredible.

For what its worth, my stock Incredible had shown up as an ADR6300 using Tapatalk. I don't use Tweetdeck so I don't know if its unique to Tapatalk. Is it possible you have to go out of your way to make the Dinc show up as "Droid Incredible"

I've got no doubt that Gingerbread is being tested. And if you look close, you'll see the HTC Glacier. And I'm sure it's being tested as well. And you'll also see a WHOLE LOT of made-up names. All it's doing is pulling from the build.prop file, which every modder has changed, and anyone with a text editor can, well, edit.

It's coming, that's for sure. It's just that we can't really read too much into it yet.

this is a terrible way to organize these data--this pie chart is very unclear. instead, tweetdeck should have represented these data in a pareto chart.

Droid 2 Global is actually listed twice as "Droid2 Global" and "Droid 2 Global"

Original Droid is also listed twice as "Droid" and "droid"

I hate when you guys post pictures/ graphs that are absolutely useless because you cant read them and you give no option to show the full size/ larger version. Yes i can go to the source location but that doesn't really help me from within my RSS app now does it?

Tweetdeck beta was great until update 9, from then on it has done nothing but hang and force close. I really was impressed with the earlier releases but the closer it gets to being ready for full release the worse it is.