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It's been a few months since we got the bad news that active development was to cease on Twitter app Tweet Lanes, but developer Chris Lacy today did announce that the app still has a future. Lacy is open-sourcing the code not only for the Tweet Lanes client, but also its SocialNetLib library (which works with as well), as well as his AppEngine of things.

"My sincerest hope is that by releasing this code, the community can give Tweet Lanes the time and attention that it deserves," Lacy wrote today on Google+.

While he won't be actively developing Tweet Lanes, he is committing to syncing with the master branch of the project and releasing signed versions of the app to Google Play "a few times a week," meaning you'd still be able to get updates in the usual manner.

Lacy's looking for some dev leads for the project as well as a community manager. Hit the links below if you can help out.

In the meantime, the app was updated today to comply with the Twitter API v1.1, and a couple other behind-the-scenes things. (See the changelog here.)

Source: +Chris Lacy; More: Tweet Lanes github


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Tweet Lanes goes open-source, looking for a few good devs


I am hoping this means that the developer, Chris Lacey, will spend more time on Action Launcher instead. This launcher shows a lot of promise, but it is not quite ready to be a daily driver for me.

+1. It still has some issues with the grid alignment, and I want to add apps to the homescreen from the app panel.