The TV Show 4: That English Guy

The TV Show is like app or game reviews for television episodes. Whether you're watching in your living room or streaming to your phone and tablet, follow along for the week of TV that was. On this episode special guest Guy English joins Dave and Rene to talk about the Mad Men mid-season finale. Also 24 a bunch of cross-references, and season 3 of Sherlock!

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The TV Show 4: That English Guy


I kinda like it - I listen to it in the car or doing other things (at the gym for instance), and this format suits me fine.

I don't always need to SEE the person talking.

I know, and that's why even video podcasts have an audio-only version... But this is for TV, you know? Something you SEE. Hehehe

Our first idea for the show was video but we quickly realized we'd never be allowed to show the shows we were talking about so it would just be talking heads which seemed worse than an audio show.

Rene only likes Sherlock because the main character's use of an iPhone.

Oh, and as most iPhone users, he only does phone calls and text messaging :) (Sherlock, not Rene)

They use all sorts of phones, which is one of the cool aspects. Also, 90% of the time tv shows make up their own fake screens anyway, or hold phones upside down, or so other silly things.

I didn't love Sherlock season 3 as much as some of the previous seasons, but did I did like elements of some of the shows a lot.

That is the oddest Picture of Johny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu

I just got netflix again and the PBS version is in my top queue to watch this summer

Do you realize you put Game of Thrones in the show notes and never talked about the last one or two episodes of Game of Thrones?