A couple weeks back we heard the founder of turntable.fm tell us the Android app was "coming soon", and it looks like today is the day. If you haven't played with turntable on the Internet yet, the premise is pretty simple and pretty cool. You're the virtual DJ, where you can choose your own music or from the thousands of tracks available on-site and play the music for your listeners. The listeners can in turn vote you up or down, making you the star or booing you right off the stage.

It's a neat concept, and it's always fun listening to music with friends. We're going to give it the complete run-through shortly, but we wanted to let you guys and gals know that it's available ASAP so you can check it out. You'll need a device running Android 2.2 or higher, and an ear for great music. You'll also need to be in the U.S., as the service hasn't rolled out internationally yet. The link is after the break.

Once you get it installed, we've started up the AndroidCentral room -- come join us!


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Turntable.fm now available for Android


Never even heard of this till now. I'll stick to Blip.FM A lot less time intensive as you can queue new songs as often as you want, and it saves the playlist allowing you to list to it later. Having to fight with 4 other people in a room on what to play doesn't sound fun.

Not only does that not sound fun, the whole concept of foisting your music tastes on others or even agreeing to accept criticism of your tastes is just so "Boom Box" era that I can't even begin to fathom the attraction.

I don't need someone else's approval to validate my taste in music.

You're missing the point. It's not about trying to get your taste in music validated. It's about sharing the music you like with others.

Rooms are full of open-minded people looking for new tracks in whatever genre they prefer.

iOS icons everywhere. What a complete and utter joke of an Android app. New devs take note: this is NOT how you migrate an app across platforms.

Unfortunately the website (and app) cannot be used in the EU, that's where I am :( But a few months ago I found Plug.dj, they are open internationally and use YouTube/Soundcloud to play tracks. Hopefully they are planning to release an app as well :)

UPDATE: Installed and used it for a little while. A few notes:

- This is clearly an iOS port, as there are no Android touches on this
- When I went to 4G and decided not to use wifi, the app would constantly boot me out saying it had no 3G connection (though my 3G and 4G had full bars), which basically makes you tethered to the wifi until these issues are solved.
- Lots of random bugs in the room that would lead to force-closing:
- Transistions and animations lead to lock ups or the app not working
- There is no way for you to search your own playlist, which is hard for me because I have a massive playlist and getting the songs I want is now a huge chore.

This is a 2 star app right now. All these issues can easily be fixed, which would turn this into a 5 star app. The onus is now on the app dev to fix these problems.

I have only used it once so far, but it didn't lock up on me at all. Also I had no problem finding my playlist and looking through it. It worked really well.
I do not have 4g so only tried it with wifi.
I've also never really looked at iOS to know if there are elements from it, but it certainly looks like it's part of turntable.fm which is fine with me.

I have to agree, TT's idea is really neat. But it has a huge drop back, only available in the US. Lately I bumped into Plug.DJ, a service that is very similar, and it's available internationally. It also has an in real time translation system. It's just great!

^ Definitely agree with all the above. I used to use TT but having all my songs on one playlist got super frustrating. I love how plug.dj has multiple playlists and I really like how you can stream video too. Definitely a site thats worth trying out.

I couldn't (and still can't!) use TT because I'm not in the US. It was very frustrating, as I felt left out. I tried plug.dj (I read about it somewhere) and was very pleased that I could sign up even though I'm not in the US. I really like the chat translation feature and the fact that it works on my Android phone.

Its nice to be able to check TT out on the mobile, but its still not international.
Huge drawback. Plug is the place to be, mobile or not! ;)

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Best android experience ever... enjoy :)

You should also check out plug.dj that is international and has been working on Android for a while now. It's more active than turntable as well

It's so nice that you write articles about such wonderful apps! It even gets better when you even make a room for the AndroidCentral audience. Thumbs up!

Unfortunately I can't enjoy your room and/or the app since I'm not living in the US, so I was kind of hoping you'd check out plug.dj as well as it seems to be a very good alternative for people both in and out the US.