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TuneIn Radio was one of my most used apps of 2011, and it's starting out 2012 strongly as they've today announced an update to both the free and pro versions of the app. 

The biggest feature of the update is the introduction of an all new car mode complete with voice commands. Using car mode it's possible to search by artist, album or even by a song name. Tell it what you want to listen to, and it will find it. 

You also get an adapted interface tweaked for use in a vehicle, with extra large buttons to make it easier to jab at the correct button while your phone is safely docked in the windscreen. 

We also get some bug fixes, a new setting that controls how long a stream will buffer before playing, and a fix to a sleep timer and alarm clock issue. 

Curious? TuneIn have produced a handy little video exhibiting the new car mode feature. It, along with download links for the free version of TuneIn Radio can be found after the break. 

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TuneIn Radio updated, gets itself a car mode


Voice search is pretty flaky, but if you EE NUN CEE ATE it will work sometimes. You can ask for a program by name, or stations names (call signs) and the chance of finding it are hit or miss. Works better with Artists (music).

There is one problem with TuneIn. The iOS version beats it single handed, with the eyes closed and walking backwards. Having it used on the iphone before, TuneIn is the sound of disappointment.
It starts on the black screen most of the time, it doesn't have a volume control on the screen, it doesn't get the station playlist. These are three features I can recall right now:)

Because I can't get my favorite radio station that broadcasts out of Seattle back home in New York. TuneIn Radio gives me any radio station, anywhere plus a lot of internet only stations.

Also, even for local stations, I find that the factory installed radio in my car sucks but music players and phones plugged into the Aux jack sound great.

I think this "Car Mode" is a little overrated though. All it really does is give you a big button panel and a voice search button. For me, it's not much harder to just go to my presets and click since I don't have a lot in my preset list just now. Now, truly hands-free operation, that would impress.

I just installed this on my GN and the voice search feature doesn't show up. Is it only for the paid version?

Do you have the Amazon App Store version? It doesn't seem to have gotten the update yet.

I've decided that I'm not using the Amazon AppStore again because invariably, updates like this one come to the Android Market first, sometimes months before they get to Amazon.

I love TuneIn, it's my poor women's satellite radio.

However, the car mode has limited utility. What I'd really like to see is a way to automatically go to car mode first rather than TuneIn and a way for it to respond hands-free (like VLingo does). Maybe one could make this happen with Tasker or similar automation?

So, the use case would be:

1. Plug into my car's Aux jack.
2. TuneIn CarMode "Listen" mode automatically comes up. (I already have a Tasker task that can automagically bring up TuneIn in this case keyed off of 'headset' use).
3. I say, "Tune into WFAN in New York" (or similar).
4. It tunes in.

Gimme that, TuneIn guys!