TuneIn Radio Pro

No more running out of room on your internal storage for your favorite radio station cache

TuneIn Radio Pro is receiving an update today with a few fixes and new bits of functionality. First up is the ability to record radio stations (already a pro feature) to an external SD card — something folks with limited internal storage devices will enjoy. Car mode has also received a quick design refresh, although it still isn't much to look at — it just gets the job done.

The update has also corrected alarm volumes and fixed problems with opening links shared to you, as well as reduced the size of the Google Play buttons for buying music in the app. You can grab a download of the latest TuneIn Radio Pro — or buy for $3.99 — at the Play Store link at the top of this post.


Reader comments

TuneIn Radio Pro update lets you record to SD card, improves car mode design


Tune Radio Pro is definitely a great application.

I have been using this application since May 2010.

It's definitely a wonderful application for any Android handset.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Same here.

I've asked Tune In to add sd card support for recordings and they told me they could not because of content issues from the play store, I wonder what has changed?

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. Due to application store/marketplace and copyright restrictions, recordings are only available for playback inside the TuneIn application on the device that made the original recording.



Love this app on any phone. Streaming my local radio while far away, or recording favorite shows... I always wanted a Radio DVR!

Does the Pro version offer anything extra besides the ability to record?  I've been using the free version since it was introduced back on the webOS platform years ago... but have been wondering if the Pro version was worth paying for.

no not really. For some dumb reason I have both on my phone and i never care or notice when I hit one over the other. I got the "pro" from Amazon or during some sale so it cost nothing

the last free update was a constant strain on my battery, i have been using tune in for years (bb days) and it made me sad but i had to remove the app from my phone, i looked on google play reviews and there were a ton of other people who had this issue, i hope they get it resolved

How does the recording to SD work? Does it happen by default in the new version? Can't find it in the settings anywhere, I even flushed my old recordings... ((( This is on the S4 if it matters.