Walt Mosspuppet

Dunno about you guys, but as long as someone who plays with their hand up a puppet's butt is continuing to fire back at Android, we think Google's doing just fine. Check out the latest rant after the break. [via MacLife]


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The truth about Android


Sounds as pathetic as a brainwashed bible thumper to me. Pathetic sheep are told to think one way and that their way is the only correct way to think.

woosh I guess - its supposed to be a funny Mac Fanboi defending his platform. That is after all a caricature of Walt Mossberg. :).

Down voted on YouTube... But I do find it interesting that he posted it on YouTube who happens to be owned by Guess Who?

Wow, as obvious satire it is actually very pro-Google/Android. Kind of amazing considering the source.

I'm surprised Phil wrote that this was "dissing" Android. As far as I could tell it was thoroughly satirical, making rampant Apple fanboys like Walt Mossberg a figure of fun, and actually seemed kinda anti-Apple because all the alleged 'strikes' against Android were just silly and nonsensical!

lol.... just lol

1. steal money from young children...

2. google drives around in a creepy black van taking pictures of naked cats.

3. shut up, just shut up.

4. android phone is for porn. legally marry you to hookers in Nevada

5. Google malware shows the embarrassing you do to every one

6. choices = bad

all in all this was awesome!

Wrong...shut up, I think I lost brain cells watching that stupid video.I think they need to make a video of a droid shooting Walt with a laser...that would be cool. Shut up android.. psew..droid

This was funny. Loved the "shut up, just shut up"...
It was actually pro android despite the source.

Wow if you tell "the truth about android" no matter how you compare it to apples OS its going to do more damage to them.. why let your fanboys know there's a more advance OS Than theirs its going to make them cry wen they realize how outdated they are, because we know apple is all about being hip, n cool and having inovative ideas, there better of ignoring ANDROID because its the one who is just doing that now, and treat it as a minority because if you give it importance. It means you aknolege its position in the OS platforms hahahah hahah apples knows there doomed and want to make fun in a very lame atempt to unify all their users hahahah haha ha this makes me lafffff

um. you guys realise this is a satire. It's actually PRO android, really. it's apple-bashing.

I mean, it's a PUPPET. You know it's not really walt mossberg, right? It's COMEDY. The things he's saying... he's actually saying the opposite. satire. got it?

I love Mosspuppet. 'The ONLY technology journalist in the world! Shut up!'

Is it me, or does this seem more like an attack on iOS than on Android? Puppet number 1 states a true and valid fact, and puppet number 2 backs it up with something he pulled out of his puppet a$$ LOL

that was absolutely terrible and stupid. Typical apple BS, those fan boys probably gobbled it right up while purchasing ipads with limited data plans

Why are people saying this was bad? I don't really care about the mobile war (I pick the phone that works for me and that's that), but this was clearly pro-Android. Loved it! Very well done!

I loved it, because it was all for Google \ Android. Naked Cats. I am still laughing about that one.

I can't people some of you guys don't get it. They're making fun of apple, not android. this is hilarious

I get it I know what satire is ha ha I was trying to use that new thing called sarcasm it quite new sorry for the mix up? Guys heh he I'm juss saying its ovious bederr I derected my coment to the people who thout it was a real dis from apple you know !!!!!??????

I remember when i had the very first windows phone, I was in love. I thought blackberries were wack. Then I got the BB and I loved it. Used it for a couple years then the iPhone came out. I did not want it cause i loved my BB, then I got it and saw how much better the iPhone was over the Blackberry. Now the Android HTC EVO. My brother first had a motorola droid when it came out and I did not want to hear about how it was better than the iPhone. (We lived in different cities so i could never actually use it). Then I checked out the EVO and I see how much better it is than the iPhone. Most of the iphone people who says android can't touch it, probably never used it. Sorry for making you guys read this whole paragraph. lol.
BTW, I found out how to get 13 hours battery life with still using the phone normally.

although its not funny, you gotta give this dude SOME credit for shoving his hand up a doll's ass ATTEMPTING to be a comedian, lol.

Oh, come on now. This is the most PRO-Android thing I've ever seen. It is completely making fun of Apple. Did you guys even watch it?

Not impressive and not what I expected from Apple. I expected them to go all out against Android but that was a weak attempt! They actually helped android and highlighted all the things that are better about Android! Thanks Mac Life, haha.

Actually, the overall best platform for developers and users in WebOS. Neither Android or iOS4 are as polished. Now with HP as owner, they many have the money to update the hardware and let it really shine. BTW, I own an HTC EVO, iPhone 3Gs (soon to be iPhone 4), and an original Palm Pre.

Hmm... This is from Maclife? Weird cause it really just states how Android is a better platform! There must have been lots of beer involved making this film cause they really are putting out the message that Apple is communistic in their platform & that Android is open to anything you would want to do with your phone. But alcohol usually makes people more truthful to what they really think so it fits.

I think Android is a great platform in its infancy still. Google still has a LONG way to get things tight, integrated & ergonomic. But it will happen which is why I stick with it even though it drives me nuts sometimes.

I had the first iPhone & it was ok, but I felt like Dictator Steve Jobs always was looking down on me saying, "You are not good enough to handle decisions, I know what you need so don't try & sneak around by jailbreaking cause you WILL be effd next update" Plus I can't stand Apple's way of saying, "No, you dont need that feature that EVERY other OS has. We are protecting you by limiting your access because you are not good enough to handle it" then a year later they say, "We are revolutionizing the industry by bringing this brand spanking new feature NEVER before seen that every other OS has had for years"

Um, put me in the "+1 Funny" camp...it was satire, pro-Google(tm) and enjoyable. I'm a sucker for puppets though.

Made me laugh; I'm still a hardcore Android fan though!

I'm Glad to that that apple freaks are shaking in their turtle-neck fashion statements.

Nice job providing evidence to any claims... The person who made this obviously failed ENGLISH-101.

Ya'll are crazy. This was hilarious! If you're not well versed (read:immersed) in the iPhone/Android war, it might be lost on you. Comedy is always taken in context.

Sad, pathetic, silly... got the idea? Is this a prop IPhone? after seeing it, I would go for Android no doubt