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TripIt — a must-have travel app for anyone who leaves home more than once a year — tonight got a major redesign in its Android application. It's being touted as a "new card view," and it is, we suppose, insofar as you swipe left and right between items now instead of scrolling and taping back and forth. That's not to say it's not a good update — it is — but visually it feels like some sections got left behind.

Another good addition is TripIt for teams — basically shared calendars and planners — and TripIt Pro users can set up and manage SMS messages for flight alerts.

Here's the full changelog:

  • New card view! Swipe back and forth to see itineraries and plans plus navigate the app without leaving the view you’re on.
  • New for TripIt for Teams! Access team calendars via mobile now and trip planners have an at-a-glance view of group travel.
  • For TripIt Pro users only. Set up and manage your SMS messages for flight alerts.
  • Gingerbread OS support.
  • Various bug fixes

Get your download on at the link above.


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TripIt for Android gets a major redesign


Read the comments posted. It's a long story and many people were investigating what happened, who then posted back.

It's unclear why FlightTrack hasn't added TripIt integration. We aren't privy to the discussions between the two companies so we can't be sure of the details.

What is clear is that Concur/TripIt hasn't done enough to explain the situation to their customers.

Disclaimer: I worked for Concur for nine years up until the beginning of last year, though not in the Trip It division. Being away from the company for the last year, I'm curious as to what happened in this situation.

I travel a ton (maintain top tier status on two airlines) and never once used TripIt or any other software like it.

My go to app is the stock calendar, takes seconds to enter flight segments/hotel reservations or car rentals for apps that do not offer me the option to enter them for me.

I have never understood the need for applications like TripIt and figured that since the app was languishing most people had moved on, guess I was wrong.

Just saying,


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Its more of a comvenience. Just forward the reservation email and that's it. Even if I had to change my trip in the last minute, just do the same thing.

Each to his own, though.

Calendar? Ha! I just write everything down on index cards and carry then around with me! Who needs all this new-fangled technology?

Tripit does a fantastic job of integrating, organizing, and notifying contacts of travel plans. All pretty seamlessly if you give them access to emails, or simply forward those email confirmations. I sideloaded the old flightrack app and still get the updated info pushed from tripit to flightrack. (at least I think that's how I did it...or was it the old Tripit apk?)

Yeah, the old app still has API access. It's the new one that doesn't.

I week so they'd just kiss and make up already.

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