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The Tribez, a popular free casual sim game for iOS, has just migrated to Google Play. A lot of the same ol' FarmVille shtick is here, where you need to check in on your buildings collect coins, grow your settlement, and supplement your progress with in-app purchases if you're feeling it. There's not much in the way of multiplayer here, but there are a bunch of missions to embark upon, resources to exploit, buildings to construct, and a little pet dinosaur to train. Over time, you can expeand your territory over 6 islands in the prehistoric area. 

I've put a fair bit of time into The Tribez, and the graphics are surprisingly good for this kind of game. The in-app purchases can be a little on the pushy side, but if you're looking for a game that's a notch or two more casual than SimCity, The Tribez may be worth checking out - especially since it's free. 


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The Tribez sets up camp on Android


I really wish the 'a popular game on iOS' or 'a game that's been for two years on iOS' or tags like that would disappear :(

I love Android, but fragmentation sucks... It's a lie that every coded app will be compatible with all Android sets (as they claimed when they tried to kick Acer out of the consortium if they used the Chinese rival OS).

If I was a developer, I'd sure be having nightmares trying to get my app to work on every single phone out there... iOS is easier in that respect, sadly...

your app doesnt have to "work on every single phone out there", wish they would but it is straight impossible to have every app run on every phone, instead the geniuses at google made the play store show only apps compatible with your phone family, or not allow you to install non-compatible apps.