TF300 Unlock

ASUS has made the boot loader unlocking utility for the Transformer Pad TF300 available from their website. The tool is an Android apk that you install like any other app, but when ran the boot loader of the device is unlocked -- allowing the installation of custom firmware. This comes at a price though, that being the potential loss of warranty. While I'm a firm believer that any warranty should be void if you want the ability to potentially ruin your hardware, there are many who see differently. But we all agree that you should have access to the hardware you've paid for, especially when it's not tied to a carrier's network. ASUS agrees as well, and that's why we love them.

Hit the source link, read and heed the warnings, and get to unlocking!

Source: ASUS


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Transformer Pad TF300 boot loader unlock tool now available from ASUS


I agree your warranty should be voided to some extent, but they should still honor it for defective hardware i.e. screen finicky-ness, dying radios, or anything else that is an electronic failure through no fault of the user. After all, there are only so many things that can be broken by running a custom firmware.

If they accept the warranty of an unlocked device for issue A, then why won't the accept the warranty of an unlocked device with issue B? It would create a huge mess for ASUS as they would be no such thing as a fine line between something caused by a hardware failure and something caused by custom software.

Saying there is no fine line because custom software failure and hardware failure is not true. It's actually very easy to tell the difference. It's been happening with personal computers for a long time now.

I doubt the legality of this warning would hold up in court if it ever came to that. My prediction would be that it wouldn't, similar to other industries (auto) that tried something similar. It's flat out wrong.

It seems like the manufacturers could save themselves a whole lot of trouble by making the hardware more open.

That whole thing about voiding your warranty is absurd and unconscionable. People format or partition their hard drives, or other, and install Linux all the time and that doesn't void your computer warranty.

Absolutely. If you file a warranty claim and they find it is an issue caused by modding, then they tell you how much it will cost to fix it or you can pay the shipping and labor cost to get it back as-is.

They should also release a tool to flash everything back to factory state, that way you can try that before filing a warranty claim.

How many folks flash their pc BIOS with firmware written by mostly anonymous folks on the internet? Im pretty sure if that was common, they wouldn't be supporting a warranty claim either.

Besides, how on a pc can someone damage they hardware permanently via software, besides BIOS? On a phone all it takes is some bug in the kernel filsystem to permanently damage the soldered storage device (s2 exynos?)

Quite simply honor warranty if software matches stock upon return. Im sure they could provide warranty repair centers a utility that could check that.

If you brick, then its your own risk (always was).