AT&T HTC Intruder

We can't vouch for anything here, but the inventory shot you see above apparently shows the HTC Intruder on AT&T. Maybe it's yet another name in the Liberty/Aria lovefest, giving us a proper threesome of rumor goodness. Or maybe it's an entirely different phone. Or maybe it's a last gasp of Windows Mobile. Or (gasp) maybe it's some way early entry for Windows Phone 7. Or maybe it's something like the HTC Smart, which has a Sense-type UI but is neither WinMo nor Android.

Point is, it's early yet, and this is all we have to go on. Also no way to tell whether that $699 retail price/$129 contract price is real, or just a placeholder. Any AT&T peeps out there wanna help shed some light on this? You know where to find us. [TjCrew via Unwired View]

Update: OK. We're already hearing that this will be an Android 2.1 device, about the size of a Coke can (presumably in two dimensions only). Also, Omegaglory23 points out in the comments that this is a Radio Shack inventory screen.


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Toss the HTC Intruder into the Android mix (Update: Probably)


one thing to point out: Looks like this is definitely an AT&T authorized retailer system. that means either Radioshack, Walmart ect. and with that being said the possibility that its a high end device is greater due to these type of retailers offering devices cheaper than COR at&t locations offer. so the $699 price means this is definitely a high end phone, and most likely not the aria/liberty.

That $129.99 price looks like the "extended warranty" price. Not the on-contract price. It says "2 yr Repair w/AD Mobl".

Here I work for the Shack and the 129.99 price is to buy Radio Shacks Repair Plan. I can check the price later take a picture and send it to you i start in about two hours so I'll see what I can do for you guys!!!

Oh please let ATT get something along the lines of an Evo (obviously no WiMax 4G) but screen and other specs, amen.

That is the Radioshack inventory system. The product number is in the proper series. All of Radioshacks' cellphones start with 170, and the return to RMAC is a dead give away. RMAC is radioshacks' return warehouse.