The Toshiba Thrive may not be the tablet for you, but Toshiba doesn't appear to be stopping its Android development any time soon. In fact, the above image is that of a purported tablet Toshiba is expected to announce at IFA. The details on this one have been kept rather slim for the sake of not wanting to ruin the announcement, but the images tell us a few things. Brushed metal design, powered by Android Honeycomb -- packed with a microUSB, a microHDMI and a microSD memory card reader. That's all we get for now but we're guessing more details will pop up before IFA takes place. One more shot can be found past the break.

Source: NoteBookItalia; Thanks, Lau!


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hotzb22 says:

Think ima get that one. First

benblush says:

i'm taking bets on how long it takes apple to sue Toshiba...i think apple has an unused patent on thin and sexy stashed somewhere

stoke_no_s says:

I was kind of thinking the same thing... I was gonna say this looks a lot like the iPhone 4. Apple may think that consumers might mistake this tablet for a giant iPhone 4... because consumers are idiots and can't see things for what they are.

droidify says:

my thoughts exactly. iDicks!

rprather says:

It does pretty much look like an iPad (1st gen) with a big camera and more ports on the sides...

i bought the Thrive Because of the full size HDMI & USB & SD slot. no adapters needed! so did many others on the Thrive forums. i'll pass unless they actually include the new KalEl chip in this. that'll be the only thing to make this appealing to me.

cmorty72#AC says:

Not bad.
I'll keep this one as a possible second choice between the Asus Slider.

wingmann2 says:

So everything shifts to micro instead, thats good... still wont buy unless I see quad core on spec list

kjay2559 says:

that looks like sweet device I need to get one of them things.