The LG G2 is official, and hopefully by now you've had the chance to check out all of our hands-on coverage. In the past day or so, activity has been picking up over on the LG G2 forums, where prospective G2 owners have been sharing their thoughts.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the top discussions so far —

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If the speakers on bottom, how will putting a case on it affect the sound?

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Now I really need to know when. Like a complete dumb ass, I walked into the ocean yesterday with my GNex in my pocket and now I don't know what to do. Do I just go get an S4 or Note II? Or do I grab some old piece of junk to hold me over till this comes out?
I am so pissed at myself, I am usually the one making jokes about the people who don't this kinda dumb shit!

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If I were you I would hit craigslist and get a beater phone to hold me over. N3 is the 3rd, Honami is the 4th, the X is going to be released soon, the G2 should be out everywhere within 8 weeks, One Max should get some love soon (I wouldnt put that one past IFA either)

Get a phone from craigslist (meet the seller at the store to make sure it has a good ESN number) and just wait.

Nexus 5 could be November...like last year

I heard that this phone would shoot in Ultra HD, I didn't remember them saying anything about it during the LiveBlog.. does anyone know if that feature was implemented?

Also, besides that feature and reading about it before actually trying it, it seems ehh. I have a S3 now and feel like I'm behind and still debating on S5 and see if I can stick it out with my current phone that long...... heading to craigslist

I just hope the Nexus 5 will be cheap like last year. But I doubt it.

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I wonder how that bottom volume rocker would work when changing the volume of music with it in your pocket.....