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Tyndall says:

Where is your review????

moises1204 says:

and tell us if the gps works correctly?

paulgallaher says:

My GPS was not working initially. I failed to notice any problem because of good Cell Tower and WiFi position updating. I went overseas and w/o 3g, 4g or wiFi I noticed no GPS updating in Google Maps.
I talked to a sprint level 2 tech and was given directions for a soft boot which fixed the GPS and suddenly started showing me satellites in the GPS apps that have that ability.
The soft boot is entered as phone number: ##72786#. This takes you to an MSL entry screen. Sprint will provide you with the MSL for your phone. Follow the directions and a couple of reboots later you are good to go.

HackNet says:

Isn't the processor different from the other providers? Or, is the T-Mobile version that has a different processor?

sigmamason says:

TMo is using a different processor...

cs2870 says: