Looking for an alternative to flinging those birds around, wishing you could find something with a bit more life to it, and some added excitement? Look no further than Burn the City if you want to be scorching buildings with fire, and blowing things up with sticks of dynamite, as you try to destroy the city. With a free trial available in the market, there is also a premium version which is 99 cents and allows you access to all 45 levels as well as three additional fireball types. Download links available after the break.

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PingaDulce says:

Available now on Android, coming soon to iphone in July 2011? Buuuhahahahaha Android Central is so good in digging old shit up and then publishing articles announcing them like newsflashes hahahaha

orlanka says:

I'm failing to see any where in the article where it states that this is a newsflash? Or are you just attempting, successfully, to troll?

Bears says:

HAHAHAH... hilarious. Aside from the fact that reading comprehension fails you, you're a terrible troll to boot. Just log out.

Tonio21 says:

This looks quite entertaining. :)

muskrat2k1 says:

Tablet optimized, per chance?

meccariello says:

Cute premise, boring controls and gameplay. Bought and refunded. Fail..

Not bad...the free version...Controls are a bit lame though.

Makes me happy to see this came to Android first :) Also... the monster looks like The Cheat... just sayin

Suntan says:

Looks cute. A little too similar to Angry Birds though. Personally, I find Sprinkle to be a great alturnative to angry birds for having a similar feel, but completely different play mechanics.

Tegra only though.


davidnc says:

HA HA HA starts off way easy but once you get to levels #21 ,#22 its starts getting tougher .like a baby Godzilla on the rampage HAHA :D.
Too bad cant make him move around to tho but for free or for $1.01 isnt bad