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British newspaper The Times is looking to expand its digital subscriber-base with subsidized tablet hardware. The paper, which has its online content guarded by paywalls, is offering subscribers a 32GB Nexus 7 for £50, down from the standard retail price of £199, as part of its "Digital Pack" offer. The pack includes a 18-month subscription to The Times, which can be purchased for £299 up-front, or charged as monthly fee of £17.33, following an initial payment of £67.33, which includes the £50 price of the tablet.

As well as a 32GB Nexus 7, subscribers get access to The Times' paywalled content, including mobile and tablet app versions across multiple platforms. It's a unique spin on the digital subscription model for news content, and it'll be interesting to see whether other paywalled newspapers follow suit in the future.

Today's offer comes just 24 hours after Times owner News Corporation announced the closure of its iPad-only outlet, The Daily.

Source: The Times; via: The Verge, The Wall


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The Times offers subsidized Nexus 7 with subscription


Wow interesting. That works out at 60p a day for an issue of the times.

If you bought that paper everyday anyway, this would be well worth it. Get a great tablet with 32gb storage for only £50 and not even have to go out of your way to get your daily newspaper, as it will download automatically for you for when you wake up.

Also means it will be easier on the commute to work.... the times is a very large newspaper, and trying to read it on the train would be very annoying to the person sitting next to you.

Well it looks like News Corp can actually read and understand the reports of where the market is going.

Still, I doubt this will bring much profit if the have to subsidize a tablet just to gain a fickle reader.
This whole idea of subscription to magazines and news papers seems to be a colossal flop.

Darn...At first I thought this was some promotion put out by the band Morris Day and the Time. At least some people in the dead tree media are starting to see the light of day and embrace the digital age.

I would be interested in a deal like this for the Wall Street Journal. I am sure it would cost more but I would be more interested than in the NYT.

Not a bad deal works out at just over a £5.56 a month subscription for the Times and their paywalled content after the cost of the tablet is taken out.

Probably a model for other magazines to follow suit