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Time Warner Cable has announced that its TWC app for Honeycomb tablets is now available in the Android Market.  Compatible with any set-top box or DVR running the Time Warner "Navigator" program guide, the app doesn't allow live streaming of television shows but it has some pretty cool features.  You can see seven days of TV listings, control and program your DVR through the app, search TV listings by title or episode name, and even use your tablet as a remote control for supported cable boxes and DVR's. 

TWC says the app has been "certified" to run as intended on the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but should work just fine with any tablet running Android 3.1 or higher.  It's free in the Market, and you can find the download link after the break.

Source: TW Cable untangled, via BusinessWire


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Time Warner Cable app for Honeycomb tablets now available in the Android Market


to my surprise it ACTUALLY works, albeit very slowly. I figured, being like all other TW servies/apps/devices it wouldnt work right or as advertised. I figured I would just get a guide listing and thats about all I expected. It actually allows me to connect to the differnt boxes and schedule a recording, and my favorite part is it let me tune to each channel pretty quickly, so you could replace your remote and TW horrible onscreen guide with this. The bad part is that guide, just like on the boxes, is extremly slow at loading if it loads at all. Once it does load though(which i have yet to get a full guide loaded) it works as advertised. This is all with 2 of their older HD boxes and not the newer samsung ones ive seen, just the regular 8300HD's, so no funny wifi/network connected business going on here, pure coax.


Wake me up when it offers the same functionality that the iPad has had for months now (including streaming).

And where is my HBO Go app, TWC?

Well, it's pretty. I also have the 8300HD, but all I can do is get a very slow channel guide, as well as add or remove upcoming DVR recordings. I don't see any functionality for using it as a remote, but it may be due to the set-top box I have or some missing feature on my Acer Iconia. Basically, the same features I've had at their website for over a year, in a more attractive tablet UI. I did find that if I selected "favorite" channels (I selected about 50), the guide loads much faster. It will be convenient to schedule a recording if I forget, but not much better than the website. I, too, eagerly await it offering streaming video.

Doesn't work on my xoom. Says we apologize, but we are unable to fulfill your request at this time. please try again later.

Completely useless until it has streaming like the ipad app, wtf with the preferential treatment, total bs